Dom Toretto’s Furious Neighbors Are Protesting ‘Fast X’

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Dom Toretto’s Furious Neighbors Are Protesting ‘Fast X’

The idea of entering the world of the Fast & Furious movie franchise may seem pretty appealing, what with its cool cars, a population made-up only of people with movie star good looks, and indoor plumbing that presumably dispenses Corona instead of water – but for some Los Angeles residents, living smack in the middle of the Furious-verse has been a major pain in the butt. 

Dom Toretto may not be an actual person, as evidenced by the time he parachuted out of an airplane while behind the wheel of a muscle car, but his Angelino Heights neighborhood is very real. As is his house, and Toretto’s Market & Café – although it’s really known as Bob’s Market. 

The filming locations have become a major cinematic tourist attraction in Angelino Heights, although Toretto’s real world neighbors aren’t so pleased with this development. Why? Because reportedly, some fans don’t just snap a selfie and go away, they show up to compete in street races and attempt driving stunts, leading to “constant noise and unsafe conditions” for nearby families who just want to live their lives with no plans to steal millions of dollars from Brazilian drug lords. According to resident Martha Rodriguez: "We just want to rest." 

Now the next movie in the series, Fast X, is planning on filming at the Toretto abode yet again. Some upset locals have contacted their city councilmember to “try and stop production” yielding no results so far, and they are now planning to protest the shoot in order “to honor the 178 people who have been killed by street racers in Los Angeles, and to shame Universal for their callous disregard for this deadly epidemic of street racing their films started and continue to promote.” And really, regardless of where it shoots, it’s hard to imagine that the finished film will ever come close to rivaling the excitement and drama of the production’s behind-the-scenes problems

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