'Resident Evil 7' Was Almost Total Crap

It's time to celebrate the unsung developer-led revolution that saved the series.
'Resident Evil 7' Was Almost Total Crap

Resident Evil 6 marked the peak of "Crapcom", the alias Capcom earned from fans during all those years in which the company successfully kept coming up with the worst possible versions of their games. The Silent Hills-Inspired Resident Evil  7 proved a breath of fresh air for Capcom, for the series, and for horror games in general but it came close to being even worse than RE6. The big wigs at the company wanted to make it a live service filled with microtransactions, so basically, everything people hate about games right now minus NFTs – though maybe only because those weren't a thing yet. 


Pictured: the even worse universe that we nearly got to live in.

After the failure of RE6, Capcom was nice enough to turn to fans to ask what they wanted in a new Resident Evil title. Cute idea, too bad fans asked literally for all kinds of stuff. Did Capcom understand how naive their move was? Nope, they forced their development team to implement stuff ranging from a multiplayer mode to all sorts of microtransactions. We're just learning that the devs fought hard against it, and forced the president to get a new director. Unfortunately (for the higher-ups), the new director immediately sided with the developers and decided to do away with all the non-Resident Evil aspects of this new monstrosity they were trying to create. He says that in the end they were left with a marketing nightmare, a game that was just a great horror game. This simple horror game that no fan wanted ended up selling over 10 million copies and is currently one of the most beloved entries in the series. 

 Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil and propeller of the survival horror genre looks back on 25 years of the franchise.

And, to be entirely fair, RE7 deserves all of its accolades for its horror, yes, but it also deserves a lot of love for all the times it spends being an unintentional comedy masterpiece.

Top Image: Capcom

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