15 Deleted Comedy Scenes (That Should Have Made The Cut)

15 Deleted Comedy Scenes (That Should Have Made The Cut)

In the film industry, the term “killing your babies” refers to the tough job of cutting scenes from movies. Over the years, some great comedies have revealed those dead babies in deleted scenes, and now we present them to you. Maybe this framing wasn't the best idea. Here are 15 scenes that shouldn't have been cut!

Waiting for Guffman - This Bulging River

What might arguably be the best actual song from the Christopher Guest mockumentary Waiting For Guffman, didn’t even make the final cut. “This Bulging River” features characters from the musical we had never seen before and some of the best face-work Catherine O’Hara has ever produced. 

Step Brothers – One Present Each

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell movies are gold mines for deleted scenes from the sheer volume of footage they improvise and film. This deleted scene from Step Brothers expands on the Christmas Eve scene where you hear that Dale got a pair of Hulk hands as a gift. The argument only gets worse from that point on, because Brennan only got a 100% rawhide wallet.

Anchorman - Don’t Ignore Me

We have always known that Champ really loves Ron Burgundy…but it may be even more than we originally realized after seeing this scene cut from Anchorman. No one knows how to react to Champ confessing his undying love for Ron, and their only defense mechanism is to pretend they can’t hear Champ at all. 

Parks & Rec - Andy Explains Women

This deleted scene from Parks and Rec showcases Chris Pratt’s ability to improvise as he goes on a long rant about the injustices against women during the final for his Women’s Studies course. It is incredible just how much sense and no sense somebody can make at once. 

Spinal Tap - Spinal Jags

Ok, I get why this scene was cut from the film, it’s pretty long and mundane. But underneath the surface, it really showcases that the band Spinal Tap are drugged-up jerks to their limo driver and turns the hilarious mockumentary into a deeper piece when we realize we shouldn't be rooting for this band, and their downturn in popularity is well deserved.

Mean Girls - Regina’s Redemption

In a scene that truly could have put a fantastic bow on an already stellar movie, Regina George and Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan) put their differences aside and realize they have more in common than different. The scene would have accomplished something every great movie villain needs, a moment that humanizes them.

Austin Powers - The Henchman’s Family

How do you cut a scene with this much production value? A whole other set was used, with all new actors and props! This cut scene from Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery reveals that the henchman flattened by Austin’s steam roller had his own wife and child back home. Maybe Austin ISN’T such a great guy!

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Charlie’s Movie Pitch

This scene of Charlie pitching a movie plot to Mac that is definitely not about himself had to have been cut due to its length, but the line “are you talking about yourself?” hits so much harder because of the length of that gross rant.

Blazing Saddles - Mongo’s Extras

In what must have been originally planned as a three-part joke, two more scenes featuring Mongo in Blazing Saddles were cut, but feature the same cartoony energy of the “candygram for Mongo” scene. Mongo not only gets shot with a cannon in the face, but he is also drowned at the bottom of a well.

The Office - David Wallace Makes Ryan Cry

This deleted scene from The Office really gives Ryan what's coming to him. Taking place shortly after Ryan was fired from Dunder Mifflin and subsequently re-hired through his former temp agency, this scene gives Ryan the emotional and mental beatdown he’s been asking for ever since he got the cushy New York position. 

5Tommy Boy - Car Parkour

This short deleted scene is just more amazing Chris Farley's physicality, and the world can always use more of that. Farley’s return to the cars for a final kick slam gets me every time. Farley parkours off the vehicles as graceful as a rhino falling down a flight of stairs.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Kristen Wiig As A Yogi

Did you know Kristen Wiig had a huge scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Wiig played a yoga instructor and every one of her comedy strengths shined through as a passive-aggressive teacher who is also obsessed with Russell Brand’s character,

Happy Gilmore - Stiller Gets His

In this bonus scene from Happy Gilmore, Ben Stiller as the assisted living worker finally gets what's coming to him in the TV edit of the movie. PS what’s coming to him is being thrown out of a second-story window.

Dumb and Dumber - Truck Stop Bathroom

In the most famous cut scene from Dumb & Dumber, a twist of fate leads Lloyd right into the hands of Seabass in a truck stop bathroom, who has some less than kindly plans for him. Luckily Harry catches himself on fire in order to…well, you’ll see.

Caddyshack - Carl Teaches Ty How to Shoot

Although the two had a complicated history before this as Murray was hired to replace Chase on SNL, this deleted scene from Caddyshack gives us even more content of the two comedy giants sharing the screen. 

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