Wordle But For Video Games Absolutely Rules

It's also set to hard mode.
Wordle But For Video Games Absolutely Rules

Wordle has taken the world-le by storm. Whether it’s commuting or at your desk or on the john, everyone seems to be playing this crafty game of vocabulary and educated guessing. That’s fine for all the normos out there. But where does that leave the nerds? Where can we show our prowess? Where’s the game that lets us feel smugly superior on social media because we got a perfect score? For those who consider themselves knowledgeable gamers, the search is over. GuessTheGame is Wordle for video games. 

Sam Stiles

I'm stuck on this one please help.

Samuel Stiles is the mind behind GuessTheGame, he launched the website this year after being inspired by the popularity of Wordle. Each day, players have six different images and must guess which game they are from. Six images, six chances. The pictures are screenshots which can be of cutscenes, gameplay, menus, anything from the game in question. Realizing how many Call of Duty games there are makes this a little daunting. But you type your guess into a search bar and it brings up a list of games which narrows the search a bit, but can you tell if that’s really a Call of Duty game? Maybe it’s a Rainbow Six game? As the pictures progress, the game gives you hints as well. The original platform, year of release, and eventually publisher can all help you dredge the vast ocean of options. Knowledge of which games came out when, can help you decide between Oblivion and Morrowind for example.   

Stiles told The Washington Post that he thinks it’s  “A real tragedy…” that he never gets to play himself, because he designs each day’s post. And he’s right, it’s a bummer for him because the game is fun as hell. Guessing a game from the very first, pixelated image makes you feel like a god. But he hopes that some larger company will eventually buy the game and instead of the owner, he can become a very rich player. If you think you’re up for it, go ahead and test your knowledge. The catalog of prior days’ games are all available to play while you wait for tomorrow’s challenge.

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