Learn Guitar Online For Less Than $30

Learn Guitar Online For Less Than $30

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Have you ever thought somebody with a guitar was boring? Lame, maybe. Douchey? Entirely possible. But never boring. And really, we know you've always secretly wanted to learn the guitar, so why not do it now? With The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle, you can learn the guitar on your own time, for an affordable price, without ever having to go into the backroom of a music store with a sweaty guy named Nitro.

This bundle includes nine courses and nearly 100 hours of instruction from the normally named Dan Dresnok. He’s got a 4.5/5 instructor rating, 26 years of teaching experience, and a multitude of guitar method books to his name. This guy knows his stuff, and he'll share his knowledge with you in a safe, controlled, odor-free space (the internet).

Beginning with the absolute basics, you'll learn how to read tablature, find every note on the guitar, and start learning basic chords and strumming technique. As you get better, you'll learn more advanced techniques, discover how to train your ear, and start playing actual songs. There are courses focusing on blues, bluegrass, and jazz guitar to help you develop a style and understanding of different types of music, all while playing real songs.

Become that person who can break out a guitar at the beach and start making music. Right now, The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle is on sale for just $29 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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