5 Newly Announced MCU Characters We Need In Gaming

These characters are showing up in phase 5 & 6, but where are their games?!
5 Newly Announced MCU Characters We Need In Gaming

Some of these characters *cough* Reed Richards *cough* have certainly been in games before. But those games weren’t good enough to satisfy our craving for the Earth’s mightiest heroes. All of these heroes (or villains) we heard about at comic-con in regards to their new shows and movies, but where dear readers, are the games? A movie is good for 2 hours but where are the 100 hour immersive games starring the lesser known but still badass members of the MCU? Granted, the history of Marvel games is littered with failed projects, but we’re looking towards a brighter future. One where we can stay inside, safely huddled around our console, going from Marvel game to Marvel game in an unbroken blaze of glory.  

Namor the Submariner


Black Panther’s nemesis is an incredible opportunity for innovative game play and also delves into unexplored waters in big studio gaming: the water level. Namor in the comics is the prince of Atlantis and in 1939 when he first emerged, dripping and ripped, onto the comics scene, he was as popular as Captain America. With an exciting tease of the character's design and aesthetic in the Wakanda Forever trailer which debuted at San Diego Comic Con, a Namor video game seems like a solid choice. 

Any studio brave enough to make an open world Namor game would certainly be challenging the status quo in gaming. Adding truly 3D movement to an open ocean game would be an incredible feat of game design. It’s become standard fare for open world gamers to climb, leap, and generally parkour over any obstacle, but designing a game that lets players swim in any direction is a dizzying task. With gaming technology and particularly VR becoming more advanced with every passing month though, fans of the Avenging Son may get the game they’ve been clamoring for. 

Cosmo the Space Dog


We don’t care if it’s a crappy mobile game, we don’t care if it’s got micro transactions, just give us Cosmo. The success of Stray, the “catforming” platformer starring a loveable orange kitty, proves that audiences love an animal protagonist. If that animal had psychic powers and was also buddies with the Guardians of the Galaxy… well we’d certainly cough up sixty to seventy bucks for that game. We’ve seen the far out pup in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and even had a chance to play as Cosmo in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, but we’re praying to the (star) lord that we’ll get a game starring Marvel’s second best dog soon. (The best Marvel pup award goes to Lockjaw, sorry Cosmo-heads.)

Eidos Montreal

Stray in space?! Let's go.

Riri Williams/IronHeart


When it comes to the kid genius that is Riri Williams, getting her own game is a no-brainer. Riri Wiliams is appearing in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, presumably helping the Wakandans with whatever threatens them now that King T’Challa has passed away. There’s even rumors that she’ll don the suit and pick up the mantle of Black Panther herself. We’ve seen her in Marvel Strike Force, but she needs her own game. The child prodigy reverse engineers Stark technology to create her own version of the Iron Man suit and then gets to heroing. If we had our wildest wish granted, it would be that Insomniac Games, the makers of the award winning Spider-Man series, design this game.  


Hey genius, give Riri her own game!

Agatha Harkness


An anti-hero who is getting her own show, we’d definitely play the heck out of an Agatha Harkness game. This sorceress goes toe to toe with the Red Witch, which is a great story of course. But we’d love to see her in a genre bending, mind twisting game that’s full of surprises with more than a dash of horror sprinkled into the cauldron. An Agatha game in the style of Doki Doki Literature Club would fit the bill… but will Marvel and their Disney overlords ever take the artistic leap to create something so bold? The chances are very low. But we’re so hungry for more Harkness that even if she just shows up next year as a Fortnite character, we’ll be happy.



Heck, we’d settle for a modded Ace Attorney, we’re so ready for a proper She-Hulk game. The comedic tone the show promises would be an amazing fit for a tongue-in-cheek investigator game where Jennifer Walters works on cases from misfit MCU characters on the wrong side of the law. Less likely (but more awesome) would be a Persona style game where she’s battling it out in court by day and fighting crime by night. This is a legacy character in the Marvel comics universe that definitely deserves her due. The first issue of The Savage She-Hulk was published in 1980, when video games were in their infancy. We’ve seen She-Hulk as a playable character in plenty of games, but the character’s wit and strength make her plenty engaging enough to carry a title on her own. She’s also the last character created for Marvel by the man himself, Stan Lee. C’mon devs, do it for Stan.

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