The First PlayStation Was Almost A Nintendo Console

The most ambitious crossover in video game history.
The First PlayStation Was Almost A Nintendo Console

Hearing Nintendo Playstation has an almost alternate universe-like ring to it, but that's a thing that happened in this very universe (and who knows, something that could've prevented its total derailment). Anyway, let's go back to the year 1988 when Nintendo decided to give CD-based video game development a chance. Yes, the very same Nintendo that only ended up making disc-based games ten years later in ‘01 – we once again assure our readers they’re still in the same universe.


Despite being one of the funniest Tweets of all time, that also nearly happened.

In the attempt to make a CD-based add-on to the SNES, they employed CD pioneer Sony. Sony still didn't have any lofty console ambitions back then, but the deal they offered Nintendo was nearly a one-way street for Sony in terms of earnings. Nintendo wouldn't have it and decided to voice their unhappiness via a top 10 anime betrayals-worthy moment.

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And add-on that somehow looks more complex than the PS1 and the SNES put together.

In 1991, Nintendo took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show to announce their CD-based add-on, but instead of announcing the partnership with Sony, they announced a partnership with Philips, Sony's CD nemesis. Yes, they did that in a live conference straight to the face of Sony's boss. That's a move so cold it could only inspire the likes of Bill Gates, a man who did a very similar thing when announcing the original Xbox.

The  “Nintendo Playstation” remained a myth for over a decade, but a prototype resurfaced back in 2015, and, unlike prototypes of other “phantom” consoles, it actually works.

Nintendo's vile move caused Sony so much pain that they never once ventured into the world of consoles again (source).

Top Image: Sony, Nintendo

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