'Skyrim' Co-Op Is Finally A Thing 11 Years Later

Thanks 'The Elder Scrolls Online', but this is the real deal.
'Skyrim' Co-Op Is Finally A Thing 11 Years Later

The Elder Scrolls series lives full-time in the hearts of many generations of fans (and consoles) but has so far failed to allow players to go on adventures together – why did Bethesda even make horse armor DLC if they never intended to let us flaunt it in front of our friends? Like, The Elder Scrolls Online has been a thing for a while, sure, but if that were enough to satisfy the needs of hundreds of thousands of Co-op-hungry fans, we wouldn't have seen numerous attempts at making mods that allow players to coexist in the actual world of Skyrim or Oblivion. Fans want the real thing, not an MMO that feels like a Disneylandified nostalgia ride. The glorious Skyrim Together Reborn mod gives us what we want and more. 

Skyrim with a full party

Bethesda, Skyrim Together Reborn

When we think about co-op, we're usually happy to just be able to share our adventure with our best pal, but Skyrim Together Reborn allows for teams of up to 8 friends.

This new mod allows us to enlist up to 7 of our friends in story quests – and that's if we want things to run stably, because the modders have already tested it with over 30 players, and it works, for the most part!

Skyrim with dozens of people

Bethesda, Skyrim Together Reborn

Good, because we wouldn't want to leave any of the 30+ friends that we all have in our modern adult lives behind!

This is such spectacular news, and in case Starfield ends up failing, also a great excuse for Bethesda to hire these fan devs and entrust them with the next decade's slate of Skyrim remasters. Though not perfect yet, Skyrim Together Reborn provides by far the best way to play Skyrim with all of our friends, and it's also completely free. Anyone who owns the Skyrim Special Edition or Anniversary Edition can join the over 50 thousand players it has gotten since its release just a few days ago by getting it here.

Top Image: Bethesda

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