'Skyrim' Got The Dumbest Addition For Its 10th Anniversary (And We Love It)

Gone fishin'
'Skyrim' Got The Dumbest Addition For Its 10th Anniversary (And We Love It)

Remember Skyrim, the most successful western fantasy game, that wasn't made by alleged sex pests, of all time? Hell yeah, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just about to reach its 10th anniversary while still beloved by most gamers and hated by a few who accidentally still spent 500 hours playing it.


 sometimes even a bit more than 500 hours

A decade is a long time, almost as long as some people have spent playing the game if our math is correct. It's only natural that the devs who've devoted their lives to re-releasing Skyrim as many times as possible, on every system in existence, are going to re-re-release it with never-seen-before additions, right? Hell, yeah! In a big teabag to the people calling Bethesda out for slacking off, the Skyrim anniversary edition is gonna feature … fishing. And the Internet is obviously not happy wi-- wait what, they are?! 

Truth is, fans have always wanted to be able to catch dragon fish or whatever on Skyrim, and Bethesda is even dropping the minigame for free if you already own the game, so it's actually a neat addition. They'll also get a free next-gen graphics upgrade, which is both almost as cool as fishing, and pretty confusing because it's happening for the second time already.

Skyrim has become such a phenomenon over the past decade that its grandeur can bring enjoyment not just to fans, but to “haters” as well. If you're not happy with this news because you're one of those who claim to hate Skyrim, you can take the route of No-Skyrim, a mod made to help you kick your secret addiction. How does the No-Skyrim mod do to prevent you from playing, you ask? Does it fill the screen with anti-Skyrim propaganda ("Dragonfire can't melt steel swords, sheeple!")? Does it make the game 99% less fun by removing the fishing minigame? No, it just causes the game to crash, effectively preventing anyone from playing it. 

Microsoft, Bethesda

actual gameplay screenshot

This genius culmination of Skyrim meme-madness was brought to you by modder ThatLittleCommie, and instantly brought down by the Bourgeois mod nexus page for … well, being anti-game. If you think they're wrong, however, you can sign the change.org petition created to bring it back and hold off big mod's agenda of only allowing for mods that don't literally destroy games.


If nothing else, No-Skyrim is responsible for the rare sight of a good-spirited comment section.

With that, we're left with honestly wishing Skyrim a happy 10-year anniversary, and hoping you enjoy the updated version of this article that we'll be republishing whenever Bethesda inevitably re-re-releases Skyrim.

Top Image: Bethesda

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