10 Wild Fan Theories About Comedy Shows

Fan theories made by people with lots of free time.
10 Wild Fan Theories About Comedy Shows

The internet needs something to focus on after shows have been re-watched on repeat for years; enter the fan theory. Fan theories let our imaginations run wild with complicated narrative paths that could be true, based on miniscule plot points that the creators most likely didn't intend, but they're still fun to think about.  Here are 10 plausible fan theories from some of your favorite comedy shows.

The Office: Stanley Was Trying To Help Ryan

The Office Stanley and Ryan


When Redditor, u/BurnNoticeLover, isn’t loving Burn Notice, they’re writing The Office fan theories. Their theory states that in the episode “Travelling Salesmen” Stanley chooses Ryan as a partner not reluctantly, but on purpose. Stanley chose Ryan because he knew his sales pitch was to a group of long-term clients who have a good relationship with Stanley, so none of them would pull their business from Dunder Mifflin. Sort of a “sales emersion therapy” to help Ryan, who had made no sales at this point, test out an in-person pitch. U/BurnNoticeLover says Stanley only laughed at Ryan in the car to make sure he didn’t fall into a long-term mentor role.

Community: The AC Repair School Stopped The Zombie Outbreak

Community AC Repair


In the Community episode “Epidemiology,” a zombie outbreak explodes at the Halloween party, slowly picking off each student. The only way to stop the virus is to turn down the AC unit, which Troy manages to get to at the end of the episode. However, u/equivalentinflation points out that Troy only presses the down button a couple of times before he is bitten then the temperature continues to go down by itself. They theorize that the AC Repair School saw the event as they have “eyes and ears everywhere” and saved their “chosen repairman,” Troy. Not to mention that the unit that blows the air has little strips of paper blowing on it, which is used as a signal of the AC Repair School several times later in the series.

Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob Is Always Nice To Squidward Because He Knows He Is Squidward’s Only Friend

Spongebob and Squidward


U/MakinBaconPancakezz on Reddit claims that Squidward loves Spongebob, and Spongebob knows it. Spongebob puts up with all the flack Squidward gives him because he knows deep down he cares about him. They cite examples like when Squidward moved away then moved back because he missed Spongebob’s antics, and when Squidward threw a pizza in a fish's face who was rude to Spongebob. Squidward is a secret softie.

Rick & Morty: Rick Knows He’s On TV

Rick Sanchez

Adult Swim

This fan theory is complicated but the gist of it is that Rick’s knowledge of infinite parallel universes would lead him to recognize that there is most likely a universe where people are watching him on TV, which would happen to be ours. For an explanation about why Mr.Poopybutthole breaks the fourth wall and references episodes, u/dflovett predicts Rick gave him an interdimensional cable box to entertain himself during his gunshot wound recovery. Read the full theory here.

Parks & Recreation: Ron Swanson Acts Manly Because He Was Sexually Abused

Ron Swanson No Mustache


This theory, while sad, does have some substantial footing. Ron Swanson has a dark past when it comes to Tammy 1. He explains that he’s known her his entire life; she was his babysitter, his Sunday school teacher, his math teacher, and drivers ed instructor, in addition to helping deliver him as a baby at the hospital. He mentions that she taught him everything he knows, including sex.  When Tammy reappears and puts her hooks in him, he dresses and acts younger because she likes young men. The theory states that Ron escaped Tammy as a child, and became so masculine as a defense mechanism to his trauma.

Family Guy: Stewie Is Meg’s Biological Son

Meg and Stewie


One theory circulating the internet is that Meg is actually Stewie’s biological mother. The theory states that Meg gave birth to Stewie at a very young age, and Lois took over the mothering role to spare her the responsibility. It would explain why Peter and Lois may be resentful of meg, and Lois does say to Meg, “It was hard enough on your body when you gave birth to Stewie.” before saying she was just kidding. Could she just have been making a joke that was way too close to home?

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Mac, Dee, And Dennis Look Nothing Like We Think

Always Sunny Gang


An It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia theory states that Mac, Dee, And Dennis are actually completely different looking than how they appear. We see them as they see themselves, but in reality, Mac is weak, Dee has back problems with giant feet and Dennis is ugly. The three, having the biggest egos on the show, appear to be attractive people, but in actuality, none of them can get a date or intimidate anyone. Charlie and Frank are seen for who they really are because they don’t care how the world perceives them. 

South Park: Kenny Was Absent from Season 6 because His Mom Was Pregnant With His Sister

South park Kenny

Comedy Central

U/BettyDare theorizes the reason Kenny is absent in season 6 of the series. It's because his mother was pregnant with his sister Karen. They point out that it’s been shown that Kenny reappears when his mom gives birth to him and he grows overnight. However, since his mother was pregnant with Karen, he could not return for the nine months of her pregnancy. Now that Karen is alive Kenny dies less in the series in order to make sure he is always there to protect her.

Malcolm In The Middle: Malcolm Isn’t Breaking The Fourth Wall, He’s Talking Out Loud

Malcolm In The Middle Malcolm


A theory by u/Primetime22 on Reddit, details that Malcolm hasn’t been breaking the fourth wall, he’s been speaking out loud, and everyone ignores it for his emotional health. The theory is pretty well defended, like how characters always stop talking whenever Malcolm speaks to camera, and often comment on what he’s just said to camera in an indirect way. He is by far the most normal kid in his krelboyne class, yet people still treat him as an outcast. He was raised by the television and has a lot of personal trauma from his home life, so it could be explained as a coping mechanism that he wants his life to be like TV.

The Simpsons: Bart Was A Member Of The Stonecutters Before Homer Was

Stonecutters Meeting Simpsons


U/Typiper93 believes that there is a good chance Bart Simpson was a Stonecutter long before Homer was initiated. It’s a complicated theory but some of the main points are: Bart donated blood to Mr. Burns, a Stonecutter member, in season two, making him eligible to join as he saved a member's life. Bart never gets in serious trouble with Principal Skinner, who also happens to be a member. Lastly, there are hundreds of Stonecutters per chapter (Homer is number 908), yet less than a hundred at the meeting, meaning Bart doesn’t have to attend every meeting.

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