'Red Dead Redemption' And 'GTA IV' Remasters Once Existed But Are Now Dead

And all because fans couldn't keep quiet about the 'GTA' trilogy demaster - oops, remaster.
'Red Dead Redemption' And 'GTA IV' Remasters Once Existed But Are Now Dead

The main reason we don't have more people talking about how the original Red Dead Redemption is the best game ever made with the Rockstar name on it is that PC-only gamers sadly never got the chance to play it. For those out of the loop, RDR2 rocks as a game and as a prequel, yes, but even its best moments were but a setup for the events of the original game. Red Dead 1 was that good, but due to an almost bizarre cycle that left the game in a nearly-unportable state, it never found a way out of consoles. That sucks, especially now that we've just learned that Rockstar came very close to actually bringing remastered versions of not just RDR but also GTA IV to all platforms, but that won't happen – because of the awful response to the disappointing Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy - Definitive Edition.

The remastered trilogy's very odd graphics.


Those arms, much like everything else about the remaster, don't look great, but their weird length could've been useful for, say, getting stuff from the upper shelf, the one with a copy of Red Dead Redemption Remastered on it.

Longtime credible Rockstar insider Tezz2 claims that the highly desired remasters for two of Rockstar's greatest games of all time were naturally part of the company's plans, but the reaction to the wonky GTA Trilogy remaster showed that fans weren't open to any sort of redemption improvement, so they just canned anything non-GTA V (and hopefully VI) for the near future.

This is yet another nail in the coffin for the idea that mistreating devs is a good idea, unless you're their employer, of course, as Rockstar gets to have the last laugh once again. Despite getting flack from critics and straight-up hatred from fans, the remastered trilogy managed to sell around 10 million units already, which puts it just around three million copies below goddamn Elden Ring.

Top Image: Rockstar

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