It takes a certain kind of personality to think, “You know who should be in charge of the free world? Me.” As a result, it’s very rare that some normal, boring dude ends up in the Oval Office for anything but a photo op, and some of our presidents have taken their eccentricities to impressive, occasionally greasy heights.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Great Heights

Teddy Roosevelt had a number of extracurricular activities -- hunting, sporting, general manning -- but the most unusual was probably his fondness for stilts. He liked to amble around the White House from great heights, because what are you gonna do? Tell Teddy Roosevelt he’s being weird?

Herbert’s “Hooverball”

Herbert Hoover

(White House/Wikimedia Commons)

Apparently, Herbert Hoover sucked at tennis, leading his doctor to invent a game that “required less skill” but “was faster and more vigorous and therefore gave more exercise in a short time.” “Hooverball” was a combination of tennis, volleyball, and medicine ball that Hoover’s friends had to play with him every morning except Sunday, when they were given the day off from looking weird.

Biden Eats Like a Baby

Joe Biden

(White House/Wikimedia Commons)

Much has been made of his love of ice cream and not enough of his snack packs. Apparently, Biden’s “must-have food staples” are ketchup, peanut butter, and jelly, and he takes a lunch box to meetings, usually containing “a protein bar, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a travel-size orange Gatorade.” Thankfully, we’re not currently in any wars, because it’s impossible to be intimidated by a man drinking a Capri Sun.

Top image: Michael Evans/Wikimedia Commons

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