'Fallout: London' Fan Game Might Fix The Series' Past Mistakes

Here's hoping for a fun apocalyptic simulation (before the real apocalypse comes).
'Fallout: London' Fan Game Might Fix The Series' Past Mistakes

Fallout 3 was the first game in the popular series developed by Bethesda in 2008, a different time when the thought of inhabiting a wasteland felt like a fun alternative and not like an inevitability. Despite getting some criticism for completely doing away with the mechanics of the original series and with a lot of its depth, it got a lot of praise because it also introduced some cool new stuff. 2 years later, we saw the release of Fallout: New Vegas. It was developed by Obsidian, a different company that didn't have much time to get accustomed to the engine before having to release the game, which caused New Vegas to come out with some serious bugs. This, however, didn't prevent the team to come up with a much deeper, better-written, and more interesting game than Fallout 3. Bethesda took the reigns of the franchise back in 2015 and, surprise surprise, they addressed the criticisms by making an even more watered-down campaign than Fallout 3's. Fans took matters into their own hands and tried to come up with the last great adventure in the wasteland before our actual planet becomes a wasteland itself. The result is Fallout: London, a Fallout 4 mod, one that may very well recapture the magic of the more inventive New Vegas.

An unexpected effect of a nuclear armageddon hitting London: a clear sky, for once.

We just got a new trailer, and it looks way more beautiful than a trailer about this sort of thing has any right to look:

It looks better than Fallout 4 and is already feeding the discourse of disappointed fans mad at Bethesda for retreating to space with the so-far-average-looking Starfield instead of making a really good Fallout game before abandoning the series.

 We're always in favor of going for new things, so we're still totally behind Starfield (totally unrelated to how Starfield's possible failure provides great article fuel), but we can also see the appeal of a Fallout game made by fresh new eyes.

And we also get to ride an Elephant Gear Solid, so there's that.

Top Image: Bethesda

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