Seinfeld: 14 Crazed Fan Theories

Everyone wants to know just how Kramer affords his sausage-making lifestyle.
Seinfeld: 14 Crazed Fan Theories

One of the best parts of any show with a cult following is hearing all of the fan theories that have flowed forth in its wake. In a sense, it’s a way for fans to keep the show alive, and Seinfeld is no exception. Here are 14 fan theories about the Seinfeld gang to keep an eye out for on your 150th rewatch.

Kramer’s Wealth Comes From A Former Marriage

Over the years many fan theories have popped up about one of Seinfeld's greatest questions; how did Cosmo Kramer make money? One theory suggests that Kramer was married right before the show began, hence why he appears to have such strong opinions on marriage in season 7. He describes them as man-made prisons where men are miserable. Because of this fans have theorized that it’s possible Kramer may have cashed out big from the death of a wife or possibly a divorce settlement.

The Reason “Opposite George” Ended

George Costanza


Obsessed Seinfeld fans have at some point asked, “why did George give up his plan to act as the opposite of himself?” It helped him in his career, and with his dating life but when we return the next episode, he’s back to his own antics. One Redditor has theorized that much like how George takes everything a few steps too far, that's exactly what happened to the opposite Costanza. George became a new person with new habits, then continued to do the opposite of his instincts, even though his instincts were changing for the better, leading him to revert back to his old self. Essentially, a double opposite leading back to the original George. Wow.

The “Seinfeld” Gang Originate From “Peanuts”

Charlie Brown Peanuts

Peanuts Worldwide

Could it be possible that Seinfeld is really just an adult live-action continuation of Peanuts? A bizarre fan theory surmises that Jerry is Linus, due to his attachment to his childhood. Just like Linus and his blanket, Jerry hasn't given up Superman, sneakers, or sugary cereal. Elaine is thought to be Lucy, due to their similar hair and ability to roast her male friends. George is Charlie Brown because he is bald and mopey. Kramer is Pig-Pen because he’s not afraid to get dirty. Eh, what’s the deal with this theory?

Seinfeld, Mad About You, And Friends All Exist In The Same Universe

Kramer Mad About You


This one is more of a continuity impossibility than theory, but in Mad About You, Paul Buchman returns to his former apartment, which turns out to be Kramer’s current residence, and Kramer is even featured in the episode. Thanks to the character of Ursula, we know that Mad About You and Friends exist in the same universe. The theory falls apart under a microscope, but it’s still a fun catch.

The Reason Everyone Comes To Jerry’s Apartment

The Seinfeld Gang


This theory actually makes a lot of sense! So, in Seinfeld Jerry is a traveling comedian and flies all over the country to do shows as his main source of income. However, the show never follows his time on the road. So the reason everyone is always at his apartment is that the episodes take place when Jerry isn't traveling, meaning everyone wants to see their friend who has been on the road. Everyone fills Jerry in on the big thing happening in their lives because he has been away, so of course, his time back with the gang would be filled with exposition!

Kramer Is An Amazing Gambler

While Kramer may only have talked about gambling when he was losing money, some fans think he may have secretly been winning large sums of money to afford his Manhattan lifestyle. The series just chooses to highlight Kramer’s losses for comedic effect, and the winning streaks are swept under the rug.

Susan Faked Her Death

Susan Seinfeld Envelope


Susan’s family hated George, and Susan would have to be pretty blind to not know how bad of a person George is. For this reason, there is a theory that Susan and her parents faked her death in order to help her escape the marriage, and punish George for his many blunders. Starting a fake organization just to torture your former soon-to-be son-in-law is a lot of retaliation for burning down a hunting lodge.

Jerry Lies About The Frogger Machine

Jerry tells George that if the power is turned off, the Frogger machine will lose all of its high scores, leading George to spiral. But think about it, no power outages or unplugging of the machine in 15 years? Not bloody likely. Jerry may have just lied to George for his own enjoyment.

George's Brother Committed Suicide

George Costanza's Mom


There is an early mention of George’s brother in season 3 when George reveals to a psychic that his brother once impregnated a woman, but he is never really brought up again. Because of this, some fans theorize that George called his brother after the psychic, which caused his brother so much dismay that he took his own life, hence why the episode is called “The Suicide.” It may also explain why George’s parents are so hard on him.

TV’s Jerry Is Actually A Bad Comedian

Jerry Seinfeld


Some fans think Jerry may not be as good of a comedian as we are led to believe. We do know that Jerry is a traveling comic, but according to many of his friends, it seems like much of his act is recycled and uninventive. He could be more “washed-up” than “bad,” but why else would he not be able to do an hour of material for a middle school?

Kramer Lives Off Of An Inheritance

Another possible answer for Kramer’s wealth could be a trust fund/inheritance from his late father. In the episode “Chinese Restaurant” we learn that Kramer is the only male Kramer left in his family, meaning his father has passed. While it is mentioned that his mother was not wealthy, some speculate that his father may have left him some sort of trust fund to help him live well.

The Finale Trial Was In The Afterlife

Seinfeld Trial


An interesting take on the finale episode is that the plane actually went down resulting in the deaths of the entire gang. The courtroom is actually purgatory, and the judge is determining whether they deserve heaven or hell. How else would the persecutors have all the information about the gang's transgressions, and the ability to convince several New Yorkers to fly down to Latham Massachusetts just to testify against the gang?

The Real Reason Why Newman Hates Jerry

Newman And Jerry


Newman and Jerry have always feuded but the exact reason why is never stated. One Redditor theorizes a few reasons for why this may be. Newman thinks of Kramer as his best friend, but Kramer prefers Jerry to Newman. Newman has a crush on Elaine, which also would add to Newman’s jealous nature. The fan even assumes Newman has probably asked to switch apartments with Jerry so he can be closer to Kramer, which Jerry refused. 

Kramer Sold An Invention Before The Show Started

Kramer Coffee Table


One theory assumes that Kramer sold one of his ideas/inventions for a lot of money before the show even began. We know Kramer never worries about money, but he also never gives up the search for his next great invention, which may be because it is what led him to his wealth in the first place.

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