Wall-E Is Satan Himself And 20 More Eyebrow-Arching Fan Theories

Scoff if you like, but these are weirdly plausible.
Wall-E Is Satan Himself And 20 More Eyebrow-Arching Fan Theories

We know you're justifiably skittish about fan contributions to the internet, because so many of them are truly disturbing works of fiction. But sometimes fans come up with an absolutely amazing theory that makes you look at an existing franchise in a whole new light.

We're talking about stuff that makes sense: like has Homer Simpson been in a coma for two decades? Probably. Does Dale Gribble know his wife's cheating on him and just doesn't care? Probably. Is Penny a secret agent on The Big Bang Theory? Um, maybe. Is Wall-E Satan himself.


So venture on with us as we blast through a list of well-conceived and explained theories that'll hopefully up your appreciation of the movies and shows and humanity at the same time. Ok, we know you'll need more than this list to do that last one, but we have to hope. It's all we have left, besides Cheetos.

Was Barney How I Met on Your Mother, really that big of a womanizer? CRAGN One fan theory says that, in an attempt to appear as the lesser evil, Ted e
Magneto's mutant conversion machine increased the powers of every mutant caught in its field. X-MEN Though Professor X says that it appears that the m
Has Homer Simpson been in a coma these past two decades? In the 1992 episode Homer the Heretic, Homer tells God that he cannot wait until he is dead
Termina, in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask, is a scaled down version of the USA. The south features swamps and palm trees, not unlike Louisiana...
HARRY POTTER IS IMMORTAL Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives. -Sybill Trelawney The prophecy mea
Dale Gribble has always known that Nancy was cheating on him with John Redcorn, he just doesn't care. X9 AKO KING OF THE 0 HILL Dale has an easy life.
the BANG BiG THEORY According to Reddit, Penny is a CIA agent. YHIIN Leonard used to date a North Korean spPy who was after the DARPA jet fuel he was
Wal-E is satan himself. WALLL Wall-E (Satan) gives a seedling (apple) to a female robot (Eve), which starts a chain reaction leading to humans losing
QUT GON was an undercover Sith Lord trying to destroy the Jedi Order from within. He freed Anakin (through manipulation), but didn't take his mom alon
Jack Dawson from Titanic is a time traveler. His mission is to preserve the timeline by stopping Rose from committing suicide. If she jumped, the crew
This is not Captain Johnathan Archer It's just Dr. Samuel Beckett, on another Quantum Leap. The real Captain Archer of Starfleet history would never b
What if Mac, Dee, and Dennis from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia don't actually look the way we see them? BEATCOAST Mac looks strong, but is often
In Cast Away, Chuck Noland is unknowingly the subject of a TV show, a la The Truman Show. CRAUN It would explain... FedE Wrlson The product placement.
Dumbledore is Death personified. The mythical three brothers, who are granted the Deathly Hallows by Death, represent Voldemort, Snape, and Harry. Acc
Sheriff Woody is NOT who he says he is If he was made in the 50s, how can Andy be the first kid he remembers? And if someone owned him before Andy did
John Wick is a sequel to The Matrix trilogy. do 0 After seemingly dying at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo's consciousness was plugged back int
ERASERHEAD ...is Henry Spencer's final dying dream in the electric chair, as he is executed for murdering his unplanned, disfigured newborn child. Hen
Andy Dufresne is guilty. The night Andy's wife is murdered we see him loading a gun, drunk, outside her house. He is unable to recount details when he
GROUNDHOG DAY Ned Ryerson trapped Phil Connors on Groundhog Day because Phil refused to purchase Ned's insurance. Phil escaped the time loop after he
LUKE SKYWALKER'S HIDING PLACE WAS TERRIBLE ON PURPOSE. Yoda guessed that Darth Vader would let his son have the normal childhood he never got and cont


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