We know you're justifiably skittish about fan contributions to the internet, because so many of them are truly disturbing works of fiction. But sometimes fans come up with an absolutely amazing theory that makes you look at an existing franchise in a whole new light.

Fan theories like:

Entry by Lizzy Chrome

This is not Captain Johnathan Archer It's just Dr. Samuel Beckett, on another Quantum Leap. The real Captain Archer of Starfleet history would never b

Entry by Maclise

Dumbledore is Death personified. The mythical three brothers, who are granted the Deathly Hallows by Death, represent Voldemort, Snape, and Harry. Acc

Entry by Lizzy Chrome

ERASERHEAD ...is Henry Spencer's final dying dream in the electric chair, as he is executed for murdering his unplanned, disfigured newborn child. Hen

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