16 Extremely Specific Celebrity Demands

This honestly has to be the best part of being famous.
16 Extremely Specific Celebrity Demands

One of the coolest things about being famous (we assume) is being able to demand whatever you want, when you show up somewhere. If it were us, we'd be demanding crazy stuff, just non-stop.

Fortunately, these celebrities think exactly the same way we do.

Lady Gaga's 2010 rider made it clear that at least 30 minutes before her performance at any venue, all bars in the whole building would be banned from
When Prince had d cameo as himself New Girl, on he demanded that scenes filmed with Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner be removed from the episode. CRAC
On the set of future flop The Canyons, producer Braxton Pope claims that Lindsay Lohan demanded that he and all the other crew on set strip naked for
LOvs Normani of the band Fifth Harmony always requests applesauce in their contract riders, because she likes the texture. It reminds her of baby food
While fiiming a kissing scene for the Italian film Un ragazzo d'oro (A Golden Boy), Sharon Stone left the set, locked herself in a car, and phoned h
Beyonce's dressing room has to be at exactly 78 degrees no more, no less. CRACKED COM
CRACKEDOON Among other things, Grace Jones' rider includes requests for two dozen unopened Findeclare or Colchester Oysters with an oyster knife, be
Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones asked for a 40-yard running track during the 2017 Coachella. The track was also air-conditioned. CRACKEDCON
Metallica CRACKED c was very COM particular about having bacon for every meal on their 2004 tour. Eggs Bacon & Sausage BACON VERY IMPORTANT THAT BACON
Director Garry Marshall demanded in his contract that his friend Hector Elizondo get a role in every film he directed. AY Elizondo, who had appeared i
During the LINCOLN filming of English method actor, Daniel Day Lewis, insisted that any British members of the cast and crew were to refrain from usin
According to producer/writer Sam Simon, Michael Jackson agreed to do a guest role on The Simpsons on the condition that the script be rewritten to giv
ET VAULT Whenever Bill Cosby would be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, he'd request that they send the same reporter and that she wear orange.
YWU muricol Before a speech at the Oxford Union (Oxford University's debate club), Kanye West wanted water bottles from the brand Volvic, but with the
CRACKED COM MARIAH CAREY LOVES WHITE THINGS. According to co-star Rob Huebel, while on set for her cameo in The House, Carey demanded her trailer be f
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