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Remember playing Oregon Trail in elementary school computer class? That ruled, huh? Remember learning Microsoft Office? Us, neither! We were too busy finding out how much Oregon Trail rules. Well, unless you ended up writing pop culture history listicles for a living (and even then, because your editors probably won’t accept hastily scrawled Post-it Notes), you’re probably cursing your stupid past baby self because extensive knowledge of one of those things is definitely more useful than the other. Hint: It’s not the fun one.

But don't worry. This Memorial Day, we've got a solution to your Microsoft Office illiteracy. Not only can you get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows for $69.99 (nice), you'll also learn how to use it so you can start being an office person before the barbecue sauce stain even sets. For a one-and-done price, you'll learn how to use Excel for data analysis, organize your communication with Outlook and Teams, make sweet presentations with PowerPoint, make words in Word, and exactly what OneNote is. If you're a Windows user, you'll also get Publisher and Access and their accompanying courses. Sorry, Macs. We don’t make the rules.

Destroy the shame of not understanding Microsoft Office this Memorial Day. You can get The Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle + Lifetime License of MS Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 or The Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle + Lifetime License of MS Office Professional for Windows 2021 for just $69.99 until May 31.

Prices are subject to change.

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