The Office: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts And Recent Revelations

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The Office: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts And Recent Revelations

The Office is one of the most underrated and little known American sitcoms of all time. Just kidding, but the hype is there for a reason when it comes to this mockumentary ensemble comedy. Here are 15 behind-the-scenes facts to tell in the break room.

Jenna Fischer Had To Cry For Over 2 Hours

The Office Wedding


Jenna Fischer recalled one of the hardest moments to film in the entire series was a scene during Jim and Pam’s wedding episode. In the scene where Pam is crying because she ripped her veil, so Jim cuts his tie, Fischer said “We filmed the scene so many times, I feel like I was crying for like two hours. It was like, I had a headache afterward. It was a really intense day of acting for me.”

How Dwight's Style Was Created

The Office Dwight


The show's costume designer, Carrey Bennet, told Brian Baumgartner on The Office Deep Dive that Dwight's earth tone style choices were inspired by military uniforms and his German Heritage. She added that his personality was crafted after a man she met at another paper company who wore a wolf t-shirt on casual Fridays.

Greg Daniels Doesn’t Think Michael Scott Could Be On TV Today

The Office ping


Show Creator Greg Daniels has said he doesn’t think Michael Scott could be on TV today due to his political incorrectness. Daniels elaborates, “You could feel that the content was sort of helping people see things as being offensive that they might not have seen as offensive before, because they were just used to it. Now, everybody’s much more aware of how offensive certain things are.”

Kevin’s Voice Is Completely Different In Real Life

If you’ve listened to The Office Deep Dive or any outside interviews from the cast, you may have been surprised to hear Brian’s real voice. It turns out that, no he is not mentally 8 years old, and does talk like a regular adult man.

Carrell’s Finale Cameo Was Hidden From Cast And Crew

The Office finale


Very few members of the cast and crew knew that Carrell was going to make a surprise cameo in the series finale. In order to hide the fact that he would be saying “I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream.” the writers gave the line to Creed at the table read. No one suspected a thing considering Creed hasn’t made any sense for the entire run of the show.

Kevin’s Chili Recipe Is In Peacock’s Terms And Conditions

TikTok user Mackenzie Floyd discovered that hidden in the middle of Peacock’s lengthy terms of service agreement, is the recipe for Kevin’s homemade chili. The recipe does not account for the carpet flavor that needs to be added before serving.

Steve Carell’s Favorite Episode

The Office Benihana Christmas


At a fundraiser for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Carrell announced that his favorite episode of The Office is season three’s “A Benihana Christmas.” Carrell noted that he loved how “gross” it was that Michael had to mark one of the Asian waitresses to tell them apart, and that he heavily admired the director, Harold Ramis.

Stephen Merchant Thinks American Office Could Return

Although he feels “it only finished last Tuesday," Stephen Merchant said he thinks the US version of The Office could very well come back. He continued, “It ran for nine seasons so they certainly milked that premise for all it's worth really. That's not to say they couldn't come back and find a new angle. Seeing the characters react to the climate we're living in now would be interesting. But they're more than welcome to take a stab at it."

The Koi Pond Incident Really Happened

The Office Koi Pond


Michael’s infamous fall into the koi pond is actually based on a real incident that happened to the writer’s of the episode, Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan. The story goes that Leiberstein’s foot slipped back, landing him in a giant koi pond tank on their way to be interviewed about joining The Office writing staff.

Fans Uncovered An NSFW Scene

Fans uncovered a deleted scene some are saying is not safe for work. The scene entails Jan breastfeeding her newborn, Astrid, in the office and Kevin marveling at it. Check it out here, everything of interest is blurred out so it might be sfw if you don’t work at an elementary school.

Michael’s Dinner Party Was Worse Than You Think

The Office Dinner Party


Dinner Party is regarded as possibly the cringiest episode in office history. A detail many have missed however, is the time frame of the episode. The guests arrive an hour after work at 6 and stay for an additional 6 hours, making the time they eat dinner, midnight, as shown on Michaels watch.

There’s An Office Fan Exhibit

The Office Experience” is an interactive recreation of the office set in Chicago, Illinois. Fans can go see Kevin's chili, Sprinkles stuffed in a freezer, and get their own Dunder Mifflin assistant to the regional manager name badges. An amazing date spot for people who have nothing in common with their partner aside from liking The Office.

The Condo Next To Michael Scott’s Was On Sale For $700k

The Office Condo For Sale

Brittany Dupla

In March 2022 the house located next door to Michael’s on the show opened its doors to buyers for the first time in over a decade. The house, which includes the same floor plan of that first shown in Season 2, Episode 3 — “Office Olympics,” was selling for 700,000 dollars, over twice the value of the house when it was last bought in 2010.

The Suck-It Vacuum Has Been Invented

Suck-It Vacuum

Unnecessary Inventions

Internet personality and product designer Matty Benedetto invented a vacuum to suck Legos off of the floor. Benedetto releases about three “unnecessary inventions” a week, but this one in particular sparked outcries from office fans, comparing it to the fictional “Suck-It” created by David Wallace.

April 26 Is A Big Day For Office Fans

Michael Pretzel Day The Office


Mark your calendars and take your insulin shots because Pretzel Day actually exists, and it’s April 26th. The holiday remembered by all office fans is actually a Pennsylvania tradition started by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell in 2003.

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