Is there any better feeling than spotting a celebrity in another show before they made it big? The dopamine rush from knowing you are the smartest person alive is like no other. One of the best shows for it is Seinfeld, bringing many modern day stars into the spotlight. Here are 15 of our favorite pre-celebrity appearances from Seinfeld.

James Spader

James Spader Seinfeld


James Spader plays the recovering addict “Stanky Hanky” who refuses to give Geroge a genuine apology for an offhand comment he made years ago. 

Don’t hate the Spader, hate the James.

Stephen Root

Stephen Root Seinfeld


Stephen Root plays the bank manager who decides whether or not a “hey” constitutes a “hello.” One day he’ll be slinging dodgeballs at the speed of light with fellow list member Christine Taylor.

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally


Nick Offerman’s betrothed and comedy darling Megan Mullally appears as one of George’s dates, but she was also considered for the role of Elaine!

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Top Image: NBC


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