Its safe to assume that when an episode of Seinfeld completely changes its tone and shooting style, it's because its paying homage to a popular movie. Grab some popcorn like George, and read these 15 times Seinfeld parodied some box office hits. 

JFK (1991)

Seinfeld JFK

NBC, Warner Bros.

Jerry, Kramer and Newman recreate the famous bullet trajectory scene from JFK. Only instead of a bullet it is a much more fatal loogie. Wayne Knight appeared in the scene in JFK, making it the perfect fit for parody.

Marathon Man (1976)

Kramer scurrying away from a mob of foreigner’s who saw him commit a faux mugging is a reference to an identical scene from Marathon Man. In both scenes the subject is followed by a woman screaming “stop that man” on a crowded NYC street.

Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Seinfeld three days of the condor

NBC, Paramount Pictures

Newman’s speech warning Kramer of the Postmaster General is a recreation of a speech in Three Days of the Condor. 

“You may be walking when a mail truck will slow beside you and the door will open, and a mailman you know, maybe even trust will offer to give you a lift.”

Batman (1989)


Warner Bros

“You wanna get nuts! Let’s get nuts!” feels so George Costanza that I didn’t even realize it was a reference to the original Batman.

Wait…have you ever seen George and Batman in the same room?

Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

Broadway Danny Rose

Orion Pictures

Jerry ripping up his one dollar bills with a fellow opera attendee to show off his wealth is a reference to Broadway Danny Rose. Only they rip up twenties.

Stop buying Cadillacs for your family and you could afford to rip twenties.

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Top Image: NBC and Paramount Pictures


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