15 Twitter Follows If You Like Killer Jokes

Gobble up these accounts before Elon gets his hands on them.
15 Twitter Follows If You Like Killer Jokes

Twitter has changed a lot since it's inception, accounts with millions of followers have come and gone and it may feel like a confusing hell-scape of retweets and bots from time to time. But have no fear, the light at the end of the tunnel is this list of 15 reliably hilarious Twitter accounts.


A twitter classic with over 1.5 million followers. Follow this account to get your dosage of “weird white guy” for the day. 


In my opinion, the best Twitter accounts of today are soaked in 10 levels of irony, to the point that they barely make sense. Few do it better than Eric Rahill.

@jeremylevick & @RajatSuresh

Few comedians on Twitter make me laugh like Jeremy Levick & Rajat Suresh. My personal favorite being their “Conservative lecturer DESTROYS sjw college student” video. It’s a must see. While the two don’t share an account, they frequently upload sketches on both, not to mention wonderfully written jokes in-between.


YouTube and Vine star Drew Gooden knows how to write a joke. Between the promos on his page you can find some great one-liners that will remind you that he’s not just an internet comedian; he’s a comedian.


Lil Nas X makes me smile every time his jokes show up on my timeline. I guess its just fun to see really wealthy people in the public eye write whatever they want without getting it approved by a team. After following his Twitter, you’ll want to grab a beer with Mr.X.


Nightmare fuel has never been this funny. Miguel Vasquez takes your favorite childhood cartoon characters and turns them into realistic 3D renders. He may not post too often, but when he does, you’ll have a certified giggle fit.


Jaboukie, jaboukie on the wall, who has the funniest twitter of them all? Jaboukie is just good old-fashioned Twitter. Little observations, jokes and memes all rolled up into one Jaboukie. 


A newer account that has risen to fame is Chaotic Nightclub Photos. This account collects pictures of club moments captured by club photographers. It’s weird, it’s relatable, it’s the worst case scenario of finding out what you did while you were blackout.


Dan White sits at a cool 60k followers and has worked very hard for that number. The jokes are spectacular and the RT’s are just as good. 


Another great example of someone super famous who still tweets whatever the hell they want. Learn about his pottery. Enjoy his free jokes. Medicate your glaucoma.


An account filled with pearls of wisdom like “My toilet probably thinks all I do is piss and s**t” and “We used to put SunScreen on our face, now kids put their face in Some Screen.” Brian Getter is the king of the “what prompted this thought in the first place” tweet.


“Isn’t it sad that we will never know if fish are crying”

Little jokes like “Putting my phone on ‘disturb.’ everyone call me” and “windmill? Big fan” pepper this account created by “Trash Jones.” The art of the one-liner has not been lost by Trash.


LA comedian Dana Donelly is undoubtedly one of the queens of the Twitter-verse. An absolute slay moment for Dana. Read some great jokes and stories told through the lens of a young female comedian in LA, and wish that you were one, too. I may have some things I need to talk to my therapist about.


Rachel Coster is a fantastic stream of consciousness rising starlet in the NYC comedy scene. Her timeline is filled with brilliant observations like “People who are good at juggling always have the saddest eyes. She’s a must follow for Twitter comedy in its purest form.


“Normalize sitting on your Uber driver’s lap so you feel like you’re the one driving.”

He’s fun, he’s silly, he’s got over 9,000 tweets, make some noise for Eddy Burback. An absolute must follow on Twitter if you love to laugh and hate people not named Eddy Burback.

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