Make Time To Learn Something New

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Make Time To Learn Something New

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We all feel a little dumb from time to time, but it's what you do in those moments of dumbness that really show who you are. Are you going to learn from your mistakes, or just keep being a stupid, stupid baby? If you've chosen the former, it's time to take advantage of these killer deals on online courses.

The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle, $29.99 (reg. $2,000)

Remember when you were a kid and you were like, "I'm never going to use this math"? Well, it turns out you need to use that math. This extensive bundle covers calculus, number theory, clustering, and more mathematical topics you've likely buried deep in your subconscious.

The Ultimate Deep Learning & NLP Certification Bundle, $29.99 (reg. $1,200)

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming standard in enterprise environments, which means we must be more vigilant than ever. Learn how to harness deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) models so you'll be ready to stop them when they inevitably rise up to destroy us.

The 2022 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle, $29.99 (reg. $1,600)

Linux keeps edging into the mainstream. Are you ready for its inevitable OS takeover? Probably not, so get familiar with Linux and learn how to use it in a professional environment with help from this eight-course bundle.

The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle, $29.99 (reg. $2,000)

Python is the world's most popular programming language because it's relatively easy to learn yet it's supremely scalable. If you want to learn computer science, Python is a great place to start. This bundle will get you going in the right direction.

The 2022 Ultimate Cybersecurity Analyst Preparation Bundle, $29.99 (reg. $1,600)

Hackers are friggin' everywhere these days, which means people can make all kinds of money defending systems from cyberjerks. In this bundle, you'll learn ethical hacking, understand how to analyze and protect systems, and prepare to pass a series of certification exams from CompTIA.

The 2022 Premium Python Programming PCEP Certification Prep Bundle, $34.99 (reg. $2,400)

Oh, you're serious about Python? Well, you should get PCEP-certified then! This bundle will help you go from babby snek to certified Python expert.

The 2022 Masters in Cyber Security Certification Bundle, $39.99 (reg. $1,800)

If you're really committed to making a career out of cybersecurity, this nine-course bundle will get you up to speed on some of today's top ethical hacking and cybersecurity practices. Plus, it will prepare you to ace an IT interview.

The All-In-One 2022 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle, $42.99 (reg. $3,284)

Whether you want to protect your own computer from hackers or get paid to hack into enterprise environments, you'll learn how to do it here. You can launch your very own War Games from your mom's basement! Yay!

Prices are subject to change.

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