New Magic: The Gathering and Cali Gov in Trouble: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 17, 2022

New Magic: The Gathering and Cali Gov in Trouble: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 17, 2022

Players are still tearing through Elden Ring and the world still turns. Here’s the quick hits from this week’s gaming news.

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Embroils California Governor! 


Does he look like a Batman villain to anyone else?!

Activision Blizzard, the publisher’s of World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, and other popular games is being sued by the State of California for employee harassment and discrimination. The details are pretty horrifying! Human toothpaste tube Governor Gavin Newsom is now being accused of interfering with the lawsuit by firing the prosecution's top lawyer. Does this have anything to do with the $100,000 campaign contribution an Activision board member made to him? 

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced!

Prepare to have your mind blown by Donald Duck, Sora is back. Excitement is growing and fan theories abound. The new KH4 trailer is being analyzed over and over. Fans are saying that the realistic world look will allow the franchise to visit live action Disney properties like the MCU and Star Wars. I say? LFG.

No Man’s Sky is (almost) perfect!

Hello Games

Garr! There be pirates in space now!

Except for an uptick (ok, major uptick) in pirate raids, the new No Man’s Sky update has been pretty good. Players are now able to join up with the galaxy’s seedy underbelly and turn outlaw. And the game itself proves after 6 years that a good idea poorly executed at first, deserves a chance to be put right. Read about the series' journey to success here.

New Games Next Week!

April 20 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes out on Switch! Happy 4/20 indeed. Grab your favorite strain and head on down to Jedi town.

April 22 - Streets of New Capenna on Magic: The Gathering Arena. The latest MTG set from Wizards of the Coast takes us to New Capenna, an art deco/roaring 20’s inspired plane where demons run the streets and five crime families vie for power. The set pre-release is next week, with the official drop coming on April 29th. Get the free MTGA client on PC or Apple products.

April 22 - Chernobylite is creepy as heck. This game of survival and horror is finally getting released on next gen consoles, after an initial release in 2019. If you’re aching for some terror filled thrills and feel that Halloween is simply too far away to bear, get your dose of spookies with this action adventure game from Perpetual Games.


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