'Ambulance' Continues Michael Bay's Questionable History With Stunts

'Ambulance' Continues Michael Bay's Questionable History With Stunts

A little while ago, a video started circulating the internet of a stunt being filmed on the set of Michael Bay’s new movie, Ambulance:

Bay posted the video on Instagram himself and captioned it with this: “Filming my new movie. I'm the guy in black on the dolly. We do these controlled but dangerous looking shots. It takes a great crew to make these shots possible. Knowing the physics involved and catch cars. At the end, everyone was safe. This phone video makes it look scarier than it was in person.”

Huh. That caption feels pretty defensive for a video Bay released to the public himself. In any case, we’ve watched that video a couple dozen times now, and even though Bay insists that it was all good and best, that stunt could very easily have gone, just, horribly wrong. See, while Bay throws around “physics” to convince people it’s safe on his sets … dude, randomness happens. And by the look of it, that seemed ripe for a possible freak accident (which is what people call events where randomness happens).

There’s also added reason to be a tad more alarmed here since the data shows that randomness has indeed occurred on a Michael Bay set before. An extra was seriously injured on the set of Transformers 3 back in 2010 when she was struck by a flying metal object (supposedly part of a snapped cable) while she was more than 500 feet away from the stunt. Yeah, she wasn’t even part of the actual stunt, but still, physics came flying her way. She had to be airlifted to the hospital with a head injury that turned out to be significant brain damage. Paramount called it a “freak accident.”

Sure, there will always be the chance of something going terribly wrong that no one could prevent or predict, but downplaying the danger is not the way, Bay. Although good luck telling him anything — the guy made a (terrible) movie about the coronavirus two months into the pandemic, after all. 

There seems to be no reasoning whatsoever with him.

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