Comedians React To Will Smith Laying The Smack On Chris Rock

Did Will Smith just give hecklers permission?
Comedians React To Will Smith Laying The Smack On Chris Rock

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Hey, did you guys hear Jessica Chastain won an Oscar last night?

And oh yeah, Will Smith “smacked the sh*t” out of Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about Jade Pinkett’s hair.  Let that sink in -- a comedian made a joke, then another celebrity strolled on stage and committed assault during a live global broadcast. (Rock’s not pressing charges.)

We’ll let you recycle through all the Fresh Prince/Muhammed Ali/Everyone Hates Chris jokes on your own -- that comedy meat grinder was serving up joke hash all night long.

But this kind of thing really happens. Pauly Shore posted video overnight of the time he got a beatdown on stage at a Texas comedy club. As the Weasel confesses, he didn’t take the blow as well as Rock.

What’s scary for many comedians is Will Smith attempting to justify physical violence when a joke offends.

At least in our survey of the comedy world, no one’s taking Smith’s side on this one. 

The fallout will continue for a hot minute, maybe even longer than Jada will have to wait for Will to actually thank her in his acceptance speech.  Maybe Paul F. Tompkins summed up the evening’s happenings the most succinctly:

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