The Creator Of 'Mass Effect' Is Making A New Sci-Fi Game

And EA is not involved.
The Creator Of 'Mass Effect' Is Making A New Sci-Fi Game

Casey Hudson, the man responsible for great things such as Star Wars: KOTOR, the two good Mass Effect games, and the so-so one, has just announced he's once again actively creating a new sci-fi universe hopefully worthy of getting ripped off by the new Star Trek. The still-unnamed sci-fi epic that'll hopefully be named EAless Effect (yes, Hudson, you can use it) will be helmed by Hudson at Humanoid Studios, the company he'd announced last year. Though but a newborn, Humanoid Studios won't go for a small indie experience to get warmed up and has already promised that we're looking at a future full-on AAA title. We want the hype for this one to be real, but there's no denying that this might prove too hard a task for such a young company, one without the backing of a big juggernaut like EA. On a more positive note, however, Humanoid also has the advantage of not being constrained by the dumb series and company-killing whims of EA, so there's that.

While we still don't know much about the game, we've already seen some pretty cool concept art.

Astronaut and huge and hopefully dead alien

Humanoid Studios

That's either a metaphor for the battle against EA or just a neat display of the very different kinds of aliens we'll get to f*ck

If the picture below is of any indication of the final product, we might be looking at a somewhat more grounded take on space exploration than Mass Effect.

space exploration

Humanoid Studios

Or maybe this is just a showcase of the flying beds on top of which we'll get to have sex with aliens.

Another piece of artwork shows a retro-futuristic space bar.

retro-futuristic space bar

Humanoid Studios

This is a showcase of the place where we'll get to drink with aliens before… you know.

One important thing is that Hudson hasn't mentioned in any way that we'll get to have sex with aliens – or with any person/robot for that matter, but we're gonna take the liberty to feel very confident about it. Lastly, even if the game ends up sucking (in a non-sexual way), at least no one is taking away from us these glorious wallpapers.

Humanoid promotional art showing craft flying over man-made river

Humanoid Studios

Imagine having this view (when having sex with aliens.)

Top Image: Humanoid Studios


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