Netflix Brings Back Ukraine President Zelenskyy's Sitcom; Now Give Us His Rom-Coms

Netflix Brings Back Ukraine President Zelenskyy's Sitcom; Now Give Us His Rom-Coms

Good news to fans of Eastern European political comedies that foreshadowed reality: Netflix has brought back the 2015 sitcom where Ukraine's president played ... Ukraine's president, but a different one. As we told you about recently, Volodymyr Zelenskyy first jumped to fame as a comedian before starring in Servant of the People, a satirical comedy about a cash-strapped teacher who goes viral with a rant against government corruption and, instead of ending up on Dancing with the Stars as he would in America, is eventually elected President.  

Some scenes certainly hit different these days, like the one where Zelenskyy's character gets a call about Ukraine being accepted into the European Union and celebrates a little too effusively, only to find out it was a wrong number situation. 

So it's nice to have this show available to the world at large, for historical purposes, but it would be even nicer if we could also see Zelenskyy's other work. Even before Servant of the People, Zelenskyy was already known for sophisticated comedy routines such as the one where he uses his penis to play a piano that will one day be in a museum (as will his penis). 

Zelenskyy also appeared in several sex comedies that are now destined to be analyzed by scholars for centuries. There's Love in the Big City (2009), where he plays a promiscuous Ukrainian bachelor in New York who falls under a cruel curse that renders his dick inert unless he finds true love. Obviously, this is highly distressing to Zelenskyy's character; how is he supposed to play the piano anymore?! 

The film was a hit in Ukraine and Russia and spawned two sequels. In the second installment in the saga, Zelenskyy and his same buddies from the first movie go to Bangkok and fall under another curse that makes it so they can't have sex without immediately impregnating their girlfriends. Instead of never leaving their country ever again, the third movie is about the three going to Vegas and stumbling into another supernatural spell that makes it so their kids (resulting from the previous movie) are suddenly Shazam!'d into adults. 

Outside of the Love in the Big City franchise, Zelenskyy also starred in Office Romance, Our Time, a romantic comedy about a free-spirited office worker and a harsh businesswoman who initially dislike each other but then (massive spoilers heads) don't. 

Next, Zelenskyy played Napoleon Bonaparte in Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon, a serious historical drama in which a womanizing Russian lieutenant pretends to be a woman to seduce the French Emperor and prevent him from conquering Russia. Putin, take note. 

Then he starred in 8 First Dates, about a man and a woman who keep waking up together in the same bed despite having no memory of how they got there, which they interpret as a Goundhog Day-type situation instead checking in into rehab. It was followed by a sequel where they're married and start waking up with other people. 

And finally, only a year before being elected president, Zelenskyy starred in I, You, He, She, about a couple who want to divorce and go live with their new lovers, but a judge forces them to try to rekindle their relationship, which is a thing judges can do in Ukraine, apparently.

What are you waiting for, Netflix? Give us these dumbass comedies, or history will judge you harshly. The world is watching. 

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