Get Your Superhero Gaming On With This CES-Featured Countercade

Get Your Superhero Gaming On With This CES-Featured Countercade

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You'll find all sorts of things at CES, one of the world's biggest consumer electronics shows that brings together innovations from all sorts of industries. You'll see robots, self-driving cars, vacuum cleaners that can navigate through the very fabric of space-time, all sorts of crazy stuff, and yet all of it pales in comparison to just a good old-fashioned game. Case in point: the Marvel Superheroes 2 Player Countercade, featured at CES 2022.

You may be asking, because we certainly did, what the dickens is a countercade? Some sort of sports drink? The opposite of brocade? It's actually a gaming system similar to the traditional arcade games you played as a child or more recently at the bar as an adult child, except it's just the top half of the game. Arcade1Up specializes in them. Smart business move, right?

This sweet countercade is all Marvel themed, so it includes Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, The Punisher, and the original Marvel vs. Capcom all in one gaming center. As the name implies, you can play with two players to fully immerse yourself in the one-on-one battle fun. Put it on your home bar, an office, a dorm room, your bathroom, or anywhere else you're eager to get in some retro gaming, although you're probably gonna wanna stick to single player in that last one.

All of the controls are original to each game, so if you spent absurd amounts of time practicing Marvel vs. Capcom at the arcade in your early teens, you'll pick it back up just like riding a bike. Just make sure not to tell anybody how obsessed you were once upon a time so they'll be really impressed with how quickly you picked up this totally new game.

Thank those technology experts who cared enough to bring back the classics and consolidate them in sweet countercades featured at CES by giving them money. Right now, you can get the Marvel Superheroes 2 Player Countercade for $229.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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