A Clone Horror Easter Egg Hiding In An Old Mario Game

A Clone Horror Easter Egg Hiding In An Old Mario Game

Super Mario Strikers is that GameCube title where, instead of playing an awesome high-octane real-life sport like Golf, Mario plays a wacky and totally made-up sport that the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom like to call soccer. With a new Mario Strikers coming sometime soon for the Nintendo Switch, fan Dogon Mcbanana took a dive into the original game's code and found the 2005's all-star nightmare team. The game's code is filled with half-baked models of supposed players that were left unfit to even show their faces outside, let alone play.

Weird Mohawk deleted character
If this even counts as a face.

Finding these must have been like coming across the Nintendo version of that vat of Palpatine clones.

penis-faced deleted character
Y'know, that vat from the best Star Wars sequel

This isn't the first time some really bizarre stuff has been found lurking inside a Mario game. We've previously talked about a disturbingly glitchy off-limits town in Paper Mario for the GameCube whose inhabitants ominously tell players that they should leave.

'Paper Mario''s forbidden city
Maybe they are just protecting their town until the return of the monstrosities local youngsters who left for a career in soccer.

Mcbanana also found this guy:

Glitch Mario

That's either Super Bizarro Mario or just regular Mario from when a hacker got Super Mario 64 to run on a Playstation 2 and caused the entire fabric of reality to break because of it.

'Mario 64' running on a PS2
Eh, still better than any Sonic game

It's not all messy stuff, though. Check out this security guard.


No wonder Browser manages to capture Princess Peach once a year.

If you think none of that is disturbing enough, then you can join us next time when we talk about that fateful day when someone found stills of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and a severed head plastered all over the code of CarnEvil, a very hardcore game about pinball.

Top Image: Nintendo


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