Some mods enhance your gameplay experience, while some enhance your "throwing your controller at the screen" experience. Such mods might feel like a failure to most, but we assure you they just need players to see them from a different perspective. 

For those who'd like to break away from just having fun with famous games and fall into an entirely new world of madness, these mods are actually an absolute success ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Shows You What The MCU Would Look Like In The Wild West

With games like GTA V already modded to play as a superhero in your own messed-up version of a big city from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why would anyone create a mod where players basically become Superman in the nearly deserted wild west? We don't know, but it sure is fun, which is more than can be said for any official Superman video game ever made.

If players are tired of just riding horses and want to fly around the Old West instead, JulioNIB's Super Arthur mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 will let players do just that. And, unlike classic Superman, you can use your powers to be an asshole -- like Zack Snyder Superman.

JulioNIB, Rockstar Games
"Y'all better kneel before Zod, pardner."

Players get the bundle of super strength, speed, and flight, but also the ability to grab and throw enemies to finally find out if they can hit the broad side of a barn.

JulioNIB, Rockstar Games
Or people.

Players can also throw whatever animal they want, and, in case of an "accident" ...

JulioNIB, Rockstar Games

... they can also replace their horse with a giant cougar or a giant super pig.

JulioNIB, Rockstar Games
Though the downside is that now you'll never be satisfied riding a horse in any game ever again.

Playing Mario 64 On A Playstation 2 And Breaking The Universe

Exclusive games are one of the main selling points of a console and the main cause of headaches for parents who can't afford to buy their kids more than one system. Luckily, for those who grew up with a Playstation, dreaming of playing Mario 64, those days are over. Provided they don't remember what the hell Mario looks like, that is.

Fred Wood/YouTube, Nintendo
"It's a me, Potatio!"

Some wise Nintendon'ters successfully reverse-engineered Mario 64's code, which gave modders the chance to try to run the game on the PS2. If it succeeded, it would be the equivalent of unlocking inter-dimensional travel in video games and, even more importantly, allow them to avoid using the N64's janky alien sex-toy of a controller. And succeed they did ... at least if they were going for having Mario 64 double as the most horrifying kids game ever made. 

While most of it has already been fixed, the textures were originally so messed up the game looked like it'd been made up by an online troll trying to convince enticed readers of the existence of a cursed game. But it's all real. 

Cameraman-face-land is real.

Fred Wood/YouTube, Nintendo

Bad trip Bowser is real.

Fred Wood/YouTube, Nintendo

Making Humans The Scariest Part Of Resident Evil 2

2019's Resident Evil 2 remake tells the story of The Umbrella Corporation (and Capcom's) quest for more money, while two people fight for survival in a zombie-infested city. We know we're playing as the heroes of the story because we look like this:

Since no one with bad skin and bad hair ever saves the day.

But modder DPO23 was able to crack into the game's facial animation controls, and flip the tables, turning our beautiful protagonists into poor souls possessed by evil rubber Halloween masks from Party City: 

DPO23, Capcom
Aberzombie & Lynch.

The zombies don't look so bad in comparison now, do they? And that's merely changing up the facial animations a bit. It's possible to turn it up to 500%

DPO23, Capcom
Calm down; whatever scary stuff that might be crawling outside is just as scared of you.

Also, if you've been brave enough to read up until this point, you'll probably handle learning that we were lying. The animation cap is actually at 1500%, and it's beautiful.

DPO23, Capcom
When you get infected by the G(eorgia O'Keeffe)-virus

Bringing A Gun To A Sword Fight

One of the unsung reasons series such as Dark Souls and The Witcher became so big and beloved is because they provided the gaming landscape a reprieve from the gun porn of 3000 editions of Call Of Duty. Not anymore, though, as someone has modded GUNS into both Dark Souls 3 and The Witcher 3. And ... it's kinda cool, actually. 

For the Witcher 3, Modder Roenaxx went with flintlock pistols and shotguns only, which kind of keeps this world of giant monsters and Elvish specters feeling grounded.

Roenaxx, CD Projekt
Though that hair in a world before shampoo is straining believability.

While it's neat that they took the more realistic approach with the Witcher, Dark Souls 3 is a much more challenging game, meaning modder Asasasasasbc had to go completely insane (you'd never get that from his name) on the weaponry department. So, instead of ye old ass guns, you get AKs.

Asasasasasbc, Namco Bandai
Ain't no dodge-rolling out of that.

And while some might say it's incredibly anachronistic, we can say it's actually a great adaptation of Army Of Darkness.

Asasasasasbc, Namco Bandai
Call Of Duty: Medieval Warfare coming 2021.

Rule The World With A Dynasty Of Abominations In Crusader Kings 3

Players looking for a game with an insanely dedicated modding community should look no further than the Crusader Kings series. Through their mods, players can ditch the royal lifestyle in favor of the medieval skater lifestyle or fully convert Crusader Kings into Game of Thrones: The Game to finally get that ending that doesn't suck. 

It's not all good, however. The community is also plagued by awful mods that fully convert the game into what the alt-right thinks is real, but luckily, some unnameable and really cool mods live in between. Like Terrifying Characters, a mod that unintentionally shows the dangers of inbreeding.

Robertmx, Paradox Games
Setting you up to rule the Holy Roman Empire and/or Bartertown.

That's the creation of robertmx, who wasn't actually going for a full David Cronenberg-verse conversion of Crusader Kings, but lack of experience with 3d models ended up creating a really competent one. Instead of scrapping the monstrosity he'd unleashed, he embraced it and allowed for everyone to join in on the horror.

Robertmx, Paradox Games
It's like the alternate version of The Fly where Jeff Goldblum decides to just roll with it.

Because of this mod, players worldwide can now relive the middle ages as painting restorers believe they looked like.

Elias Garcia Martinez, Cecilia Gimenez
Still a better mod than this.

Mods That Make Every Game Toaster-Ready

You know how sometimes a game's graphics are just too demanding for your computer? Fret not! Enter LowSpecGamer, a modder specializing in getting any game to run on anything. No, really. This mad scientist will get Half-Life 2 to run on a USB drive-sized PC by modding the game's code into oblivion. Naturally, this comes at a cost. While players won't have to give away their souls, they'll have to sacrifice so much about the original game's visuals that the end result is less "video game graphics" and more "stop-motion animated voodoo dolls."

Also, the entire experience doubles as a "guess the game" game:

LowSpecGamer, Rockstar Games

That's GTA V

LowSpecGamer, Rockstar Games
NSFW (if you're a pile of Silly Putty sentient enough to get a job)

Meanwhile, some horror games, like Vampyr, end up looking even scarier than the original version.

LowSpecGamer, Focus Home Interactive
And that guy's not even a vampire.

If you think the only problem of The Witcher 3's port for the Switch was the publishers missing the chance to call it The Switcher 3, then you'll probably also love what's seemingly The Witcher 3 running on a broken Nintendo 64.

LowSpecGamer, CD Projekt
"It's a me, Witcherio!"

In this version, there's a flashback where players find out Geralt got his moves by training on a test dummy. 

LowSpecGamer, CD Projekt

And If you don't like it, there's only one way to escape.

LowSpecGamer, CD Projekt
Just kidding, there's no Switching this Witcher off.

Lowspecgamer's so dedicated to his craft that he doesn't care if he needs to pull the eyes of a character out to get that framerate going.

LowSpecGamer, CD Projekt

And just when you think you have him all figured out, he'll remove everything except the eyeballs. 

LowSpecGamer, Namco Bandai
Aren't you glad you got to play.. whatever this is?

Top image: Asasasasasbc/Namco Bandai, Fred Wood/Nintendo

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