Ad makers are great at making you believe that buying stuff like fluorescent toilet paper will make you the special hero who'll save countless lives. If even something as mundane as that is enough to weave such a grand tale, it should come as no surprise that video games – a very important thing that's actually saving the world – provide the most fertile of grounds for the wildest possible ads. Bandai Namco Thailand just showed us all just how true that is, as they've just released the greatest ad ever for the (maybe) greatest game ever. Yes, surprise, surprise, this is somehow an actual ad they came up with for Elden Ring:

For people who don't know Elden Ring, this is just another family drama. It could very well end up being yet another of those commercials that drag on for 4 minutes then ends up being about how kids shouldn't do heroin while skating.

There's nothing strange about this family. This ad tells the all-too-common story of a mother who accidentally shatters her family's elde oldest ring.

Bandai Namco

Everything is normal; kids love horses.

Bandai Namco

And piracy

And if you're not from Thailand, there's absolutely no way of knowing that magical wish-granting golden Erdtrees aren't a thing there.

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco

Or eagerly awaiting the return of “The Tarnished.”

Bandai Namco

That's can only be a good thing, right?

And that's when the great reveal hits.

Bandai Namco

For the experienced, though, this ad is pure Elden Ring lore goodness from the very beginning. This seemingly wacky ad actually manages to replicate From Software's bizarre type of storytelling through and through and is full of fun easter eggs you can go back to find.

Bandai Namco

Or unfun ones, like that time when that foul beast nearly killed those two kids in one hit.

If you end up not watching it because you hate what ads do to you or are too busy playing Elden Ring right now, at least trust me when I say that this is at least a huge step up from that time Sony plastered ads teasing people to jump onto the subway tracks.

Top Image: From Software, Bandai Namco

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