Gaming's Most Bizarre Mystery Is Pizza-Themed

David Lynch would love this pizza.
Gaming's Most Bizarre Mystery Is Pizza-Themed

We, like everyone, love humankind's crowning achievement: pizza. So this week, Cracked is dishing out pieces of pizza history and deep-dives into the food G.O.A.T.

In the world of video games, pizza is not just delicious but also one of the most nutritiously beneficial things one can eat. Don't trust me; trust the various beat-em-up characters who eat it straight off the ground and still manage to live (at least till the end credits). With that, it's a tragedy that there aren't many examples of video games about making pizza. Fret not, as indie masterpiece Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 provides not only that but all of the surreal goodness one would expect from a game that's both a make-a-pizza simulator and a mystery tale.

You get to make whatever pizza you want

Cosmo D

Don't let the pretentious order fool you; this is just what a gamer would call a Battle Royale with cheese.

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 puts you in the shoes of a pizza-maker who's somehow also the pizza delivery person and a detective out to find more about each people they deliver pizza to in order to solve the game's grander mystery. We won't spoil the mystery, not because we care about spoilers, but because pizza is more important. There's a repetition to the pizza portion of the game that would normally feel like a chore meant only to fill up the game, but making pizza is actually liberatingly comfy.

And the act of delivering it will always be full of surprises because we're not delivering pizza in a bland town like New York; we're doing it in a city that doubles as a Tim Burton fever dream.

the streets of Off Peak City

Cosmo D

Don't worry, the big house only eats people.

And with a cast of characters from a normal David Lynch dream.

A Man and his cute baby clone

Cosmo D

Why does the baby Ringo have such long fingers?

The game rewards players with the joy of seeing people react to getting pizza. These characters will love you for it – even when your pizza looks like absolute trash.

Pizza party

Cosmo D

“Pizza? Ah, yes, I've heard of this.”

Or looks like trash and clearly has brains on it.

Pizza, the one true king

Cosmo D

Still pizza. Still good.

The only thing missing is a truly stupid and pointless pizza option, like making them bat-shaped.

Top Image: Cosmo D


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