Even More Activision Blizzard Garbage Is Being Uncovered

CEO Bobby Kotick needs to be fired yesterday
Even More Activision Blizzard Garbage Is Being Uncovered

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By now, we've probably reported on so much nastiness coming out of Activision Blizzard that one could make the case that this is not just the worst company in all of gaming, but one even worse than all the other bad ones combined. And surprise, surprise, they're not done yet. We've just received more proof that the hell that the Blizzard staff has been subjected to in order to methodically recreate the aesthetics required for the upcoming Diablo games weren't the result of a few bad apples but of a structural problem that begins at the very top. On top of being guilty of hiding sexual harassment accusations for years, CEO Bobby Kotick has just been caught with two shadow companies he created for the purpose of sneakily donating funds to Political Action Committees (PACs) that support GOP candidates.

One of Kotick's favorite candidates, probably.

The guy's weasel politic antics should come as no surprise as Activision's upper echelons are a neat collection of Republican bros. It's also hard to ignore that it was Blizzard's very own World Of Warcraft that showed illegal gold farming mogul Steve Bannon that gamer angst could apparently be weaponized, but there's a hilarious takeaway from all this. As a private citizen, anyone gets to donate to whatever party they want to, so why not just at least own up to it like an honest villain? 

Does he think there's someone out there who doesn't hate him yet? Why is this guy resorting to dark money shenanigans to hide it? Why is the man who uses the millions made by his workers to pay outside companies to give said workers a bad time ashamed of giving money to some other assholes? Maybe it's time for Microsoft to finally get rid of this guy, lest their head lies in total moral bankruptcy as well.

Man, it sure is gonna suck for this guy when all the definitely-not-right-leaning gamers who constantly go on about keeping politics out of video games notice that this man is actually using their money to grow more politics in a weird Republican douchegnome filled garden.

Top Image: Activision Blizzard

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