Shady Crypto Bozos Battle 'Magic: The Gathering's Owners

Hasbro wasn't too keen on it
Shady Crypto Bozos Battle 'Magic: The Gathering's Owners

Magic: The Gathering, the father of all trading card games, can be many things: a fun game you can play with friends, a solid and complex competitive experience, or even a gateway to buying expensive art. The number of options has allowed MTG to stay consistently popular for nearly 30 years now, which naturally created a relatively lucrative market for those who know how to navigate it. That obviously means that in this day and age, some buffoons obviously had to try and turn it into yet another NFT scam.

The name of the project was mtgDAO, a "brilliant" endeavor that intended to make use of the blockchain to, you guessed it, make MTG cards an even scarcer commodity by only allowing the use of cards no one had as NFTs yet. These fools, who actually boast their "scarce magic format" as if it is a good thing, seemingly thought that swiping stuff from Wizards Of The Coast's giant parent company Hasbro would be as easy as scavenging the work of dead artists to sell as your NFTs and were very surprised when their idea got shut down immediately.

Sadly, Hasbro was pretty calm and collected about it, and instead of going fully Urza's rage on their asses, they merely sent the mtgDAOists a polite letter warning them that they were straight-up stealing intellectual property.

Magic: The Gathering lawyer's message to mtgDAO

Wizards Of The Coast

At least we learned what a real-life version of a counterspell looks like.

But let's not throw a party just yet. While the Hasbro representative did reject these dudes' NFT-related project, she didn't state that the company rejects the use of NFTs altogether. In fact, she mentions that the company's considering using the technology in the future, so maybe the company should have really thanked and perhaps even paid these guys – for taking the heat and showing the company that no one really cares about games wants this type of thing.

Bad Magic: The Gathering art

Wizards Of The Coast, Phil Foglio

Even though some MTG art is NFT-levels of bad.

If you like Magic The Gathering but you care about making money even more, then you should consider either playing the relatively cheaper Magic The Gathering: Arena, or leaving the hobby altogether. S**t's already expensive enough as it is.

Top Image: Wizards Of The Coast, Izzy Medrano


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