Get Into The Game With This Headset

Get Into The Game With This Headset

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When you reach a certain age, it's no longer appropriate to turn your gaming up to full blast and scream gleefully as you run around destroying things. Your significant other or parents will just not tolerate it anymore. You're an adult -- you can use a headset. Look no further than the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset, on sale for 55% off.

This headset includes a Bluetooth 5.0 chip and HD low latency to provide an immersive gaming experience while reducing the noise around you, letting you block out distractions like needy children or your special someone making a margarita to cope with how much time you've been gaming. Unlike other gaming headsets, these babies are earbuds, so they'll fit comfortably in your ears to give you that super immersive experience while also doubling as everyday audio devices. You don't have to game with them; they're just good at that, too.

The buds have precise pickup, allow dual calls, and last for up to six hours on a single charge (with the charging case providing four to five extra charges), so you can wear them out and about. You can even make hands-free calls while you're playing your games so you don't have to disconnect to wish grandma a happy birthday. They're truly suitable for all listening aspects of an adult gamer's life.

Go from game to commute to gym without ever hearing the stupid world with the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset. Get it on sale for 55% off $101 at just $44.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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