'Pokémon Legends: Arceus' Finally Reveals How Pokéballs Work

The end of a mystery older than a lot of the people playing the game right now.
'Pokémon Legends: Arceus' Finally Reveals How Pokéballs Work

Pokémon sleuths rejoice; the greatest question in the history of the series has finally been answered. No, not the mystery of how to get Mew. If you wanted to catch him, you really should have peed on your Game Boy as that shady 5th grader told you to. And no, it's not about the mysterious old man who says he's just a mysterious man – he's, in fact, just a mysterious alien. This is about the Pokéballs. 

Yeah, for over 25 goddamn years, fans of the series have been wondering about the inner workings of those almost unbelievably practical contraptions. Do they just squish the poor Pokémon inside? Is there some sort of Doctor Who magic involved that makes the Pokéball much larger on the inside than it is on the inside? Does it squish the Pokémon inside and is even smaller on the inside?

Turns out that the answer is none of the above. Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes players to the past and uses the landscape of old Sinnoh to divert the attention away from any weird retcons.


Like how turns out the inhabitants of old Sinnoh were so big they'd call us Pokédudes.

Players will now meet Professor Laventon, who explains that the Pokéballs don't actually do crap. The Pokémon are the ones with the magical ability to shrink themselves and enter the balls.


Sorry about the millions you've invested in the master ball racket. Maybe you'd be interested in some master ball NFTs?

This new piece of intel naturally shook Pokémon historians all around the world. The community is divided, and a poll on ResetEra confirms that the science deniers are winning.


The Pokémon world sure is unrealistic.

Don't make fun of these people; they've spent more time trying to figure out the mystery behind the Pokéballs than many of the fans playing nowadays have spent being alive. Maybe Professor Laventon is straight-up wrong, or maybe he's messing with us all.

The Professor is the one on the left; why do you ask?

Top Image: Nintendo


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