Experience the World and Learn New Languages with Babbel For Up to 60% Off

That woman next to you on the Eurail might be a trivia trove. You'll never know if you can't talk to her.
Experience the World and Learn New Languages with Babbel For Up to 60% Off

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There are a million fun facts to know about this world. For instance, there are only two countries that use purple in their national flags, there are 43 nations that still have a royal family, the best place in the world to see rainbows is Hawaii, and more than 52% of the world's population is under 30 years old. You can certainly read up on facts like that in books, but the only way to truly learn global truths like these is to head out and experience them for yourself. (Also, reading is hard.) You'll miss out on a lot, however, if you can't understand what anyone is saying. That woman next to you on the Eurail might be a trivia trove. You'll never know if you can't talk to her.

That's where Babbel not only comes in but stands up and shimmers like a linguistic mermaid. The world's top-grossing language learning app with over 10 million paid subscriptions and more than a million active users each month, Babbel's battle-tested method can get you conversant in your language of choice in a matter of weeks. In fact, Babbel is so confident in its approach to teaching you a foreign tongue that they say you can be speaking and communicating effectively in your new language in just three weeks if you study and stick to their plan, so don't worry if you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants (though it's frowned upon by most airlines).

Unlike the old days of language labs and boring vocabulary lists, Babbel's system, devised through consultation with over 150 language experts, is nothing like school. Their techniques focus on the method that will get you communicating quickly, internalizing basic conversational skills around the topics you're most likely to need. Once you've chosen one of the 14 languages available under the Babbel plan, you can start consuming their library of 10-minute lessons, each crafted to help learners understand and remember fundamentals of French, Spanish, Danish, Russian, or any of their approved languages. (Vulcan sadly unavailable, but surely the space people have their own apps.)

Lessons are delivered by native speakers who lead students through basic conversation around topics like travel, family, shopping, food, and other stuff you'll probably need as you trot the globe. As learners advance from simple words and phrases through more complex grammar and sentence construction, they'll get to reinforce that learning through a variety of options, including games, podcasts, live virtual classes, and beyond. Nothing immerses you in a language like what is essentially a whole app store.

You'll learn more from Babbel than just how to ask where the bathroom is, too. The courses also let students truly sink into their new culture, learning more about the people, places, and social customs that make each language unique and unlocking a true understanding of what makes each place tick. "I've been studying Spanish on and off for a few years, and it wasn't until I started with Babbel that I could stick to it," Babbel user Alexia reported on Trustpilot. "It's amazing that I'm getting unlimited classes at such a small investment." Alexia knows what's up. Be like Alexia.

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