Lady Gaga Says She Never Met 'House Of Gucci' Co-Star Jared Leto, Cites Method Acting

Method acting is one heck of a technique.
Lady Gaga Says She Never Met 'House Of Gucci' Co-Star Jared Leto, Cites Method Acting

Well, folks, after years and years of speculation, it seems we finally have an answer to one of the oldest questions known to man: What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force … well kinda. Earlier this week, pop star Lady Gaga stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a concrete answer to a nearly identical inquiry – what happens when a method actor meets yet another method actor?

On Monday evening, Gaga revealed a fascinating tidbit from her time filming last November's House of Gucci – she didn't really meet her co-star Jared Leto, who played Paolo Gucci. Although they shared several scenes together throughout the film's nearly three-hour run time, they were both method acting, meaning they were essentially in character throughout the entire film's entire three-month shoot.

“We’re both maniacs," Gaga told Kimmel. "I never met Jared on set. I was always with Paolo; he was always with Patrizia.” she continued, referencing how she embodied her character Patrizia Reggiani – even adopting her Italian accent – when the cameras weren't rolling.  Throughout Leto has also garnered a bit of a reputation for his method acting techniques, most notably sending used condoms to his co-stars while preparing to play The Joker in 2016's Suicide Squad – a.k.a. his Citizen Kane – it seems Leto and Gaga weren't the only ones taking such an intense approach to their characters while filming the biographical drama. 

“I have to say, we don’t always talk about this, but my fellow actors on that set—everybody was in character," Gaga explained. "It was not just me.”

So folks, let's hope director Ridley Scott had some fun ice breakers on hand before the flick's premiere – it seems he was sure as hell gonna need 'em. 

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