Jim Carrey's 60th Birthday Joke Was Nearly 20 Years In The Making

Here's how it went down.
Jim Carrey's 60th Birthday Joke Was Nearly 20 Years In The Making

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Well folks, when it comes to comedy, is seems there is no one “right” approach. While some comics love to improv, whipping jokes out on the spot, others like to plan their gags far ahead – and in the case of Jim Carrey, “far ahead” can apparently mean having jokes on deck nearly two full decades in advance. It all started on Monday – Carrey's 60th birthday -- when the comedian took to social media to share a special video with his nearly 19 million Twitter followers. 

“I'm 60 and sexy!” Carrey said in one of his signature vocal impressions. "And tonight, I'm having creamed corn and strained peaches."

Now, if Carrey's birthday message sounded eerily familiar, it's probably because his video was not the first time he's made that joke. 

The year was 2004. We were all obsessed with cracking the apparently painstakingly easy DaVinci Code. Jennifer Hudson was absolutely robbed on American Idol, a loss we may or may not still be bitter about. Facebook was just a website for pretentious Harvard kids. And Carrey, fresh off of 2003's Bruce Almighty, stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman to discuss his upcoming flick The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and of course, his new haircut. 

“I have to change my look all the time,” Carrey explained when asked about his new hairdo – or, well lack thereof. “I'm in show business, you gotta keep fresh, I'm kinda thought of as the Madonna of comedy, you know, always reinventing myself so that someday I can look out at that crowd and say 'I'm 60 and sexy,' he continued. Aside from predicting Madonna's entire 2022 aesthetic (much to the chagrin of Ben Shapiro's sister, apparently), Carrey also saved this as his 2022 birthday message. 

So folks, here's to Jim Carrey – we cant wait to see what material you have ready for your 80th birthday. 

Top Image: Warner Bros. 

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