'Star Citizen' Players Now Have To Deal With 'Space Roofies'

The game that has already cost more than $400 million, over the decade that it has been in development, now has the worst feature.
'Star Citizen' Players Now Have To Deal With 'Space Roofies'

We've logged many star hours covering the bizarre development of Star Citizen, a game that has gone from a fairly promising space pirate simulator back in 2016 to the most sprawling space epic of all time. Now, it's important to note that this isn't because Star Citizen allows for the most realized space experience ever made, but because the game has already cost more than $400 million over the decade that it has been in development (while remaining as much of a mirage as real-life space conquest).

However, we're here to tell you of one feature in Star Citizen that has become pretty functional lately. A feature that shouldn't exist. We present to you: roofies ... IN SPACE. Star Citizen beta testers players are now luring unsuspecting victims into supposedly safe areas, then injecting them with chemicals supposedly meant to heal others. Too bad that the workings of these chemicals are somehow complex enough that they can trigger an overdose that will knock players out, thus allowing for assholes to take their equipment.

Cloud Imperium Games

"How much does a digital kidney go for?"

This is especially nasty because these assaults take place in non-combat areas, but healing isn't killing, so you can totally bypass the game's laws almost as easily as the developers at Cloud Imperium Games bypass their calendar deadlines. We think CIG should probably take the issue seriously because even though Star Citizen believers spend loads of money on stuff that might never make it into the game, they also like to spend one hell of a lot of money on stuff that they can keep.

Cloud Imperium Games

“Good thing I paid for the unremovable shorts DLC pack. Oh, wait, is that a base feature?”

The only saving grace here is how this is happening on the test server and not on the final game, which sounds really neat when you forget that the entire thing is a giant-ass test server.

Top Image: Cloud Imperium Games

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