'Ready Or Not': The Stupid, Stubborn Game That Lost Its Publisher

'Ready Or Not': The Stupid, Stubborn Game That Lost Its Publisher

Void Interactive is the company helming the development of Ready or Not, a tactical SWAT intervention game that's mostly about regular SWAT stuff like -- and we're guessing here -- invading the homes of Twitch streamers. Unfortunately, the team is inexplicably adamant about putting a school shooting mission in the game, a decision that straight-up sucks even when presuming hoping we at least play as the good guys. 

Regardless of intent, a game presenting this mission is bordering on the opposite of what seems to be needed in the way of helping prevent similar events and not simply profiting off of them.

The controversial announcement of Void Interactive's decision was marred by hilarious timing, as it came out at the same time when Team17, Void Interactive's publisher, announced they'd no longer be publishing the game. It must have been a coincidence … Y'know, the same way bad dads seem to disappear whenever a household's milk and cigarette supplies are running low. The news obviously got most people trying to call Void Interactive to their senses, but we live in the time of the half-assed apology and of the unnecessary double down, so they tweeted that they'd be keeping the stupid mission in their game.

So, unless Void Interactive owed the devs of Six Days In Fallujah big time and are trying to pay them back by taking the top spot in the category of Best Game To Avoid Making, it seems like fishing for controversy points while ignoring the inevitably terrible longstanding effects that their decision will cause. Still, the tweet garnered a lot of positive feedback from all the people who started to support J.K. Rowling exactly when she came out as bad, so we can hardly wait until Ready Or Not gets picked up for publishing by The Daily Wire, InfoWars, or even Activision Blizzard.

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Top Image: Void Interactive

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