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Whether you're desperate to feel less dumb in 2022 or there's a nerd on your gift list who just wants educational materials for the holidays, we've got you covered. These five courses are an extra 15% off this season when you use code MERRY15 at checkout.

The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle, $33.99 (reg. $1,800) with promo code MERRY15

In this bundle, you'll get nine courses covering Raspberry Pi and Arduino, two of the most popular consumer microcontroller boards on the planet. It'll basically teach you how to build your own smart home like some kind of genius supervillain.

The 2022 Premium Learn Game Development Bundle, $34 (reg. $970) with promo code MERRY15

If this picture of a coded dragon made you hyperventilate with excitement, this bundle is probably for you. You'll get 130 hours of training in C#, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender to start coding and designing your own game monsters.

The Complete 2022 IT Career Kickstarter Bundle, $50.15 (reg. $1,770) with promo code MERRY15

This bundle includes six courses and 165 hours of training to help you pass some of today's most important IT certification exams from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, and more to kickstart your IT career. Because that's what the bundle is called, you see. Jokes are funnier when you explain them!

The 2022 Ultimate Advanced CyberSec Professional Certification Bundle, $58.65 (reg. $1,475) with promo code MERRY15

Whether you want a career in cybersecurity or someone in your family is just really, like weirdly private, this bundle is a winner. It includes five courses and nearly 150 hours of training to help you (or Bunker Uncle Dave) pass some of the most in-demand cybersecurity professional certification exams today.

The 2022 Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle, $67.15 (reg. $4,425) with promo code MERRY15

Okay, so someone's interested in IT but not exactly sure where they want to focus. That's where this bundle comes in. It includes 15 courses covering some of CompTIA's most popular and in-demand certification tracks. From networking and cybersecurity to cloud administration and more, you can basically go by a process of elimination.

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