Kit Kats Are Made Of ... Kit Kats?

Kit Kats Are Made Of ... Kit Kats?

It may have taken 90 years, one extremely catchy jingle, and several ultra-cursed posts depicting candy lovers – nay, monsters – chomping into the side of the chocolatey treat with reckless abandon rather than breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar like a civilized human being, it seems we finally know what's inside our favorite candy: Kit Kats are comprised of …. more Kit Kats! Well, at least in the UK. 

In yet another instance of life imitating art – by “life” we mean “Kit Kat production" and by “art” we mean 2011's Inception to be specific – it seems that the candy's crunchy, chocolatey, wafer-ish filling isn't some random concoction of cookie and wafer and chocolate, but rather the concoction of cookie and wafer and chocolate, a revelation that found its way to the center of the pop-candy lexicon once again after a re-run of the BBC's Inside the Factory depicting how the treats are made hit airwaves. 

Yep, at one point in the episode, an employee explains that a stack of broken candies will eventually be recycled, entering a process of “re-work, where they're used for fillings for the wafer,” a sentiment a spokesperson for Nestle U.K. reiterated. 

"To clarify, the 'chocolayer' — the filling between the wafer of a Kit Kat — is made from cocoa liquor, sugar and a small amount of re-worked Kit Kat," the candy representative told Today. "Please note, re-worked Kit Kat is product which cannot be sold."

And as for US Kit Kats? Like most things on this side of the pond, the answer is a bit more complex. Although Kit Kats are produced by Nestle in the UK, Hershey's manufactures the candy stateside and has stayed mum about the way they create the chocolate. 

"While we make and sell Kit Kat bars in the U.S. under a global license from Nestlé, the manufacturing process for Kit Kat is proprietary under this license," a spokesperson for the company told the outlet. 

Ugh, Give us a break … of that delicious, albeit hella meta, Kit Kat bar.

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