We Might Be Overthinking 'Hawkeye's Captain America Musical

We Might Be Overthinking 'Hawkeye's Captain America Musical

One of the most talked-about moments in the first episode of Hawkeye was, not surprisingly, the scene in which Clint and his kids attend Rogers: the Musical, the lavish Broadway show about the life of Captain America. And while it wasn’t quite to Hawkeye’s liking, since Marvel hero-based Broadway musicals haven’t always had the best track record, Clint should probably just be glad that he never had to use his archery skills to stop a falling actor from crushing his family.

One of the oddest parts of the musical was how the show-stopping Battle of New York number “Save the City” features not just the original Avengers but also Ant-Man, who Clint points out wasn’t actually there. This has prompted some to question whether or not this part of the musical isn’t just chronicling the events of The Avengersbut also those of Endgame. This is because, in one version of events, Ant-Man was in New York in 2012, after he traveled back in time to gather the Infinity Stones. This theory also posits that if people know that Ant-Man was in New York, then the timeline didn’t properly reset at the end of Endgame, which could potentially have dire consequences for the cosmos …

But, ultimately, it seems less like an aberration in the space-time continuum, and more like the producers of Rogers: The Musical probably just shoehorned Ant-Man into the show because he’s popular, arguably much more so than Hawkeye, who let’s face it, is the RC Cola of Marvel superheroes. And it may not be an unimportant plot point either; it seems as though Hawkeye’s sourpuss mediocrity will be a major theme in the series. The show will likely attempt to reshape our understanding and appreciation for Hawkeye before he cedes his mantle to a new actor, and at the same time, we may be getting a story about how Clint and Kate Bishop ultimately revitalize the “Hawkeye” brand within the world of the MCU. Things could only get more meta if Hawkeye launches his own cringey vanity app.

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