6 Reasons Why Learning From an In-Person Teacher Is Better Than an App

6 Reasons Why Learning From an In-Person Teacher Is Better Than an App

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As children raised on the web, many youngsters might bristle at losing control of learning everything through an app, but as oldsters will be quick to point out, there's something to be said for the benefits of a real, live teacher. You're probably already familiar with Babbel, one of the most popular app-based language learning systems, but its newest offshoot, Babbel Live, gives you the best of the fast-paced digital learning world and the old, Sound of Music-esque one-on-one classroom. Why give up your toilet-based practice sessions? Well...

It's What We Know

Even in our current era of digital learning with zero human interaction, almost all of us started with sticky rugs and overly enthusiastic educators. We got out of bed each morning, found our way to school, and sat through class after class with human teachers, some better than others. We may not engage with it much now, but learning from an actual teacher is still a pretty warm and comfortable fit for most.

Classes Are Made to Suit Your Learning Level

An app can assess your skill level, but it can't fully grasp your excessive R-rolling or know how long it takes you to pick the correct conjugation. With Babbel Live, students can scroll through an unlimited number of courses available each day, each tailored to a student's achievement level. Learners can pick the topic of the course, like dining or travel or work, as well as the best time for their schedule, then know a human being will greet them and have a grasp on their current facility with the language. And trained, experienced teachers can set up a class that best allows students to drink in the knowledge and make progress in incremental steps.

Instant Feedback is Vital

Students in each of these courses get enough time with their teacher for that teacher to really identify their strengths and weaknesses (with language, mostly, although if you're still showing up on the toilet, that's definitely something to work on). Babbel Live instructors are all certified language teachers with years of experience that go through rigorous interviewing and training. That guarantees students are getting feedback on their spoken language performance from a person whose opinion warrants respect. An app can give you a green light if you're right and a red light if you're wrong, but a Babbel Live teacher can break down your skills and help users truly understand what's working -- and what needs more practice.

Your Classmates are Valuable Resources, Too

No Babbel Live course will include more than six students. That's coincidentally just enough to form your own Breakfast Club (one of you might have to be the vice principal) but also to give you ample opportunity to practice with each other. Everyone will be at roughly the same level, so there won't be any snobby French scholars or careless slackers bringing you down. Plus, the Brat Pack was pretty close by the end of that movie, so who knows what could happen?

Your Teacher is a Window to the Culture

Language is more than vocabulary and grammar; it's a shared experience shaped by history and a way of life. While Babbel Live instructors aren't always from the land these languages originate from, many are and can offer a true sense of the color, context, and societal shifts that crafted how each language is used today. These teachers bring Spanish, French, German, and Italian to life in ways an app never could and have a 4.8/5 satisfaction score.

Everyone Wants a Well-Rounded Education

Hey, you've suffered through enough automation issuing emotionless direction in your life. With Babbel Live, you can connect back to that classroom experience of your youth and get a perspective that app learners won't receive. Babbel Live students also get access to podcasts, games, readings, and other training aids available through Babbel's award-winning app, so really, it's the best of both worlds.

Celebrate culture and learn a new language with Babbel Live today! You can head over to the Babbel Live website, find a course plan that fits your schedule for up to 65% off, then start taking as many classes as you want for just one monthly price.

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