'Smash Bros.' Characters That Unleash Rage Inside Players

In the 'Smash' community, being violently skeptical that a character needed to be added is almost welcoming.
'Smash Bros.' Characters That Unleash Rage Inside Players

As Smash Ultimate ends its second fighters' pass and winds down new DLC characters, we're reminded of some of our old favorites. The characters that would make you scream, unplug your system, and vow to take up a calmer hobby, like meditation or boxing. Sure, Smash fans may seem split on whether Sora was a good final DLC character, but trust us- Sora isn't even close to the most controversial character release. In the Smash community, being violently skeptical that a character needed to be added is almost welcoming! These additions wish they got the same greeting as Sora ...


Poor Byleth. Byleth, in and of themselves, did very little wrong. They have a cool chain move, their costumes were interesting, and they departed a little bit from the other Fire Emblem sword wielders.

Of which there were a million.

Byleth's great sin was being another Fire Emblem person with swords after the community was fed up with Fire Emblem characters with sharp sticks. By the time Byleth came out, eight of the games' 80 characters fit that mold, all based to some extent on Marth and Roy. Enough was enough, and as such, Byleth has the unfortunate position of least-liked announcement trailer in the franchise to date.


This image summarizes most players' reactions MinMin being announced:

Brawl Meta-Knight

No article about controversial Smash characters is complete without Smash Bros. Brawl's Meta Knight. What more is there to say? Meta Knight ran Brawl almost from day one, with most tournaments seeing around 4-5 of the top 8 players maining Meta Knight. 

Although he was never officially banned, it's widely agreed that Meta Knight and Ice Climbers teamed up to end the competitive lifecycle of Smash Bros. Brawl. So Meta Knight may have been broken, but he did need help to kill a game. Unlike our final controversial smasher.

Smash 4 Bayonetta

Smash 4 Bayonetta may actually be the most hated character in any competitive game, and there are a lot of good reasons to hate her.

On release, she was the best character in the game by a comfortable margin, as pros quickly found out that there was a combo that could kill at any percentage from almost any point on the stage. This was made a little worse by the fact that the combo wasn't particularly hard, so most casual players could pick the character up quickly and ruin their friends' Smash night.

But the real kicker was that Bayonetta cost six dollars. Six dollars may not seem like much, but when you've spent 60 bucks on a game, and then they say, "It's actually six more dollars if you ever want to win again," that chafes.

All that alone would make Bayonetta hated, but EVO 2018 cemented her place as the most reviled Smash character of all time. To begin with, almost every top player was playing Bayonetta- which is to be expected. There's a lotta money on the line; why wouldn't you play the best character in the game? Even knowing this, when the grand finals came down to two Bayonetta characters, many spectators got up and left, which is borderline unheard of for an Evo Grand Finals.

The grand finalists made sure to shove it in everyone's faces that the character they loved had dominated the game's biggest tournament. They played the game as a joke, at one point sacrificing a life to even out the score like you'd do when you played with your little brother. And in the last match of the grand finals, both players spent two minutes just charging their special and laughing.

The only reason they resumed play was because a tournament organizer told them if they didn't, they'd be banned for stalling the game. And that was the last game in Smash 4's competitive history. Bayonetta was never nerfed again, and Smash 4 took its place as the most hated game of the franchise.

Top Image: Nintendo

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