Start Your Own Movie Club!

Introducing the Cracked Movie Club newsletter and your chance to win a projector!
Start Your Own Movie Club!

Last week was NY Comic Con and with it came loads of news from the worlds of TV and film. Something that flew under the radar? The launch of the Cracked Movie Club newsletter--a weekly round up of the latest movie and TV news from Cracked! The Cracked Movie Club newsletter is just the first step in what will be Cracked’s own entry into the metaverse that is film and TV nerdom. And to help inspire you to get involved, we’re giving one lucky Cracked Movie Club newsletter subscriber the insanely-highly rated DBPower L21 projector. It’s not film, but it’s still awesome.

Only one Cracked Movie Club newsletter subscribers is eligible to win. If you’re not a subscriber you can become one by entering your email in the form below.

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Note: Sweepstakes is open October 11, 2021 through October 17. Those wishing to enter can sign up for the Cracked Movie Club newsletter above, on, or via any sign-up module that appears on On Monday, October 18th a winner will be randomly selected as the recipient of one (1) DBPower L21 Projector (estimated value: $120). We'll reach out to that person via email to get their shipping address. The winner will have three (3) days to reply or we'll select a new winner. The process will continue until the selected winner provides their shipping information to receive the prize. Odds of winning are based on the number of subscribers to the Cracked Movie Club newsletter on October 18th. Cracked and the Cracked Movie Club newsletter are governed by Cracked's privacy policy. Any subscriber to Cracked Movie Club newsletter or any Cracked newsletter can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of any Cracked newsletter. For questions, or to receive the name of the winner, please contact

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