What The New 'Wolverine' Game Could Learn From Marvel's Gaming Past

Most of what matters about Wolverine has already been pulled off in video game form.
What The New 'Wolverine' Game Could Learn From Marvel's Gaming Past

Marvel's Iron Man hit in such a hard way back in '08 that it kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe even while carrying the incredible weight of The Incredible Hulk's lukewarm reception. Insomniac hit it equally big with Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4, then proved they were no one-hit wonders with PS5's Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an expandalone so good people only complained about how the devs were too cowardly to give Miles the helm of a full sequel. Fans just wanting more while actively defending diversity is a pretty good problem in our book. 

Now, Insomniac Games is working on a new Wolverine game, one that paired with the upcoming Spider-Man 2, might very well pave the way for some sort of Sony's Marvel's Gamematic Universe, showing the soulless publishers behind the microtransaction nightmare that is Marvel's Avengers how you do it.

Square Enix

This outfit is only “Legendary” at the Miami Hooter's locations Hulk got banned from while wearing it.

The best part is that Insomniac's work is all laid out in front of them. To get something that just works, all Insomniac really needs to do is following up on what they already have with Spider-Man. Good writing, perhaps an adaptation of a popular Wolverine tale with a more modern twist, a game world that feels realistic while at the same time serving as a perfect sandbox for players to use the specific abilities of their hero. However, if they want something amazing, Insomniac's Wolverine could get some help not from Spidey but from Wolverine himself.

Hell yeah, because most of what matters about Wolverine has already been pulled off in video game form.

You can relax now, because, yeah, we really are gonna talk about this one.

The game X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition rocked. It succeeded where the film it was tied to, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (caged edition, we presume), did not. Right now, chances are you've seen Logan, the final film in the trilogy where fans finally learn what happens when a hero whose power is hands that give birth to samurai swords shares his powers with other people.

20th Century Studios

But people who bought the game learned that right from the get-go:

It also featured some awesome healing FX:


Which was either yet another excuse for awesome gore or a way to promote some really durable brand of jeans

Uncaged's awesomeness didn't prevent it from vanishing from our collective recollection shortly after release. Its failure came from being anchored to an X-Men movie so bad that someone leaked a version of it with unfinished special effects prior to release -- and that mess turned out more fun than the final version.

20th Century Studios

We'll leave you to guess which version this came from.

So the blueprints for what to do are there … Hopefully, the PS5 to actually play it on will be too. (Looking at you scalpers.)

Top Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment


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