Well, folks, it seems we can all rest easy tonight – after years of feverous speculation, spending every waking moment questioning everything we knew about Thanos, the confines of the Marvel multiverse, and the available details surrounding The Blip, it seems a few eagle-eyed fans managed to solve to one of the MCU's most pervasive mysteries: Rapper Lil Nas X, famed pissing off conservatives after twirling down a stripper into the depths of hell to give Satan a lap dance, did, in fact, survive Thanos's snap. 

Less than a week after Marvel's latest cinematic installment, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hit theaters, a tiny easter egg hinting that the beloved artist managed to survive The Blip has gone viral, fans citing Shang-Chi and Katy's killer karaoke performance of “Old Town Road” as proof that Lil Nas X narrowly managed to evade the evaporating power of Thanos's fingers. 

As anyone with a connection to the internet, a radio, or hell, even a pair of ears can attest, “Old Town Road," was the song of the 2019 -- dominating the charts for a record-breaking 17 weeks throughout the spring and summer. Although the original version of the song dropped in December 2018, Lil Nas X collaborated with several artists on various remixes throughout the following year, including RM of K-Pop group BTS, Young Thug, Wal-Mart yodeling kid, Mason Ramsey, and of course, the man famed for his achy-breaky heart and starring in Hannah Montana alongside his daughter, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. 

The snap, however, occurred during Avengers: Infinity War, which took place in 2018. Although the specific date in which this momentous population-halving event occurred is unknown, fans have largely speculated it occurred at some point in July of that year. As such, it seems highly probable that Lil Nas X survived the snap, fans have argued. 

"Idk, just thought it was a cool detail. I love adding to the canon of who got snapped and who didn't," wrote Redditor u/LegendofConnor, who popularized the theory in a now-viral post discussing the apparent canonical confirmation.

And it seems u/LegendofConnor is far from alone in this assertion – after finding virality on the net, the rapper too sounded off on this theory, posting a screenshot of the Reddit post captioned with two words – “holy shit.”

So, folks, say what you will about Thanos, but there's one thing we know for certain – his taste in music is pretty damn great. 

Top Image: Marvel/Shutterstock

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