'Star Wars' Is Finally Doing Horror -- Sort Of

It’s in animated toy form, but it’s a start.
'Star Wars' Is Finally Doing Horror  -- Sort Of

After wrapping up the so-called “Skywalker Saga,” Star Wars can really go anywhere now, even if that means exploring other genres. Maybe we’ll get a gross-out teen comedy set at Tosche Station, or a rom-com featuring bounty hunters, or a Spinal Tap-style mockumentary about the downward career spiral of the Max Rebo band. Previously we’ve argued that the franchise should consider making the jump to horror. Which wouldn’t actually be that crazy, especially considering that, back in the ‘90s, we got loads of Star Wars horror stories in the form of the Galaxy of Fear novels, which were basically just Goosebumps books but with, say, alien mucus monsters.


Well, now Star Wars is dipping its toe into the macabre with a new Halloween special designed to chill you to the bone while also selling you pricey interlocking toy sets: LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. Sure, it’s the non-canonical LEGO stream of the franchise, but it’s still something. The story finds Poe and BB-8 crash-landing on Mustafar, where apparently Darth Vader's castle has been turned into a Sith tourist attraction. Vader’s old butler, who showed up briefly in Rogue One, is somehow still alive and goes full-Cryptkeeper, telling everybody three spooky yarns, including the Kylo Ren origin story we never actually got to see, and a What If…?-style monkey's paw riff starring Luke Skywalker. 

We’re guessing that the idea of a Halloween special might rankle some fans, but it really shouldn’t because Halloween used to be a canonical part of the Star Wars universe. That’s right, in an issue of the ‘80s Marvel Ewoks comic, it’s revealed that those furry Endorians totally celebrated All Hallows’ Eve, complete with costumes and jack o’lanterns. 


The Ewoks also basically celebrated Valentine’s Day, so we’re guessing that these LEGO specials aren’t ending anytime soon.

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